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This year I think we have been very lucky to have a particularly nice summer. We had weeks and weeks of sun and warmth and actually, it was one of the hottest summers I can remember in this country. We quickly realised that our wardrobes weren’t really kitted out for constant heat day after day.

We now have a holiday to Center Parcs coming up and when we went last year at the same time of year, it was warmer than expected. Jacamo have kitted John out with some new (late) summer essentials just in time for our trip! When you’re busy running around after a toddler all day and playing, you need clothes that you can move in easily and that you can wear all day and still be comfortable at the end of the day.

The end of September/ beginning of October can be quite warm and when you’re on the go you sometimes need something a bit cooler than jeans, especially when trekking around in the woods. John loves 3/4 length shorts and these are so easy to wear and to match with other clothes. John doesn’t really think a lot about the clothes he puts on so having a wardrobe full of things that all match makes things a lot easier. The shorts have pockets on the sides of the legs which is great for being able to pop your phone or keys if you don’t have a bag or a jacket with you.

Jacamo white and navy t-shirt

John and Erin playhouse

Layers are also a good idea as it can go from being really warm one minute to rain showers or even downpours at this time of year. Jacamo have a great range of t-shirts that will go with most jeans or shorts and they are so reasonably priced as well. The three t-shirts pictured all cost between £10-£12 so it’s easy to buy a few to stock up your wardrobe. I ordered all three of John’s t-shirts in a 3XL but it seems that John has lost a bit of weight so they are a tiny bit big on him. However, he was glad for the extra length as this is something he normally struggles with as a 6’1 man.

Jacamo red and white t-shirt

Jacamo white, green and navy t-shirt

Something you definitely need for a Center Parcs holiday is comfortable shoes. Whether you go on adventures in the woods for hours or take part in sports and activities, comfort is key and there’s nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes. John’s trainers were just about worn out but they have now been replaced with these Adidas Duramo trainers (£43).

Adidas Duramo trainers

John is really happy with his new clothes from Jacamo. As you can see from the pictures, he is able to run around and play with Erin with ease and the clothes also wash really well which is a huge plus from us. As a larger, and taller man, John is really impressed with the range of items available and the sizes too. Jacamo also sell longer length t-shirts so I think next time we would probably order from that range but in a smaller size to get a better fit overall.

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