How To Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

How To Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

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It might only be September but the shops are already starting to get their Christmas ranges in and I have already seen things like Christmas puddings and mince pies in Sainsbury’s. Although I plan for Christmas all year round, thanks to having a NYD baby, I was honestly, I was a bit shocked when I saw the Christmas things in the shop as I haven’t even really see Halloween items anywhere yet. The thing is, there is always a spike in burglaries around Christmas so it’s never too early to think about ways to keep you and your home safe!

Don’t brag

It’s lovely to be able to spread the love at Christmas and splash out on your friends and family but not everyone needs to know about the expensive watch for your husband or the designer perfume for your wife. If you are buying some expensive gifts this year then it might be worth investing in a safe. Also, if you’re planning on giving cash for Christmas then be sure to draw it out of the bank just before you need it rather than leaving it sitting around the house.

Keep things hidden

A Christmas tree in the window can look absolutely stunning and it can really help children to get excited for the big day but it can also attract a lot of unwanted attention. Whether the packages wrapped up are real or not could mean someone paying much more attention to your house than you want them to. Having presents hidden around the house, completely out of sight, will also help to stop children from snooping to find them as well!

Home security

The easiest way to keep thieves out is to invest in some home security. Basic key locks aren’t really enough to keep burglars out and to keep your home really safe but there are plenty of options that you could go for. Home security doesn’t have to cost a fortune though and options range from additional locks on doors, alarm systems, security ligths and even CCTV systems. Places like B&Q are great places to pick up some supplies and they should have everything you need.

One of the more simple ways of making your home secure is to make sure keys are never left in locked doors or windows and they can’t be reached easily if the glass was to be broken.

Social media

Of course, it’s lovely to share that you’re going away for a night, weekend or even a holiday in December but that also advertises that your home is empty for a certain length of time. It’s a much better idea to tell people all about your amazing trip when you get back instead. Depending on what platform you use, you could reach a lot more people than intended and they definitely don’t need to know that you won’t be home.

Dispose of packaging

If you’re anything like us and often have way too much recycling then Christmastime can be even worse. On the run up to Christmas you often see bins outside houses with piles of extra recycling thanks to all of the packaging that toys come in. You might not think it but thieves actually rummage through bins at this time of year to see what people have been buying. Instead of putting your unwanted packaging in your bins, and advertising what you’ve been buying, try taking all of the packaging to a local recycling point instead. We’re lucky that our local recycling point is just over the road. It’s a bit of a pain for John to walk over there (as we don’t drive) with it all but it’s much better than having everything on show!

If you can’t get to a local recycling point though there are still other options. If you have a bit of extra space at home maybe you could keep the packaging in a spare bedroom until January or February and get rid of a little bit each month in your regular recycling bin. This won’t draw any attention to your home and no one will realise what you’re doing.

Leave the lights on

I know this won’t help with the electricity bill but leaving the lights on at home can really help to deter burglars. Having the lights on while you’re out of the house is a quick and easy way to make other people think that someone is home. If you do have your Christmas tree in your living room, with presents on show then make sure your curtains and blinds and closed but another light is left on elsewhere, like the hallway! Luckily, leaving an extra light or two on won’t cost a fortune in electricity and I would much rather have a slightly larger bill for a month compared to being burgled.

Of course, there are so many ways to keep your home safe at Christmas and these are just a few. I’d love to know any of the ways you keep your home safe so please let me know in the comments or get in touch on social media. 

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