5 Ways to Update Your Property This Spring

5 Ways to Update Your Property This Spring

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Now that spring is well and truly here, it’s time to get the tools out ready to spruce up your property for those sunny days and welcome the change of seasons. Here are 5 ways you can update your property that this kitchen designer in Islington shares with us.

1. Decluttering your space

It’s easy to gather a collection of things over the months that are never addressed until later on in the year. We all do it! It’s the perfect time to tidy up your space and get rid of all the clutter in your space, or pack it away and place it into handy storage containers. You may find that a lot of the things lying around in your home can be heading to the recycling or in a different place.

2. Add some spring themes to your home

Pastels, tulips and lovely flowers can really change the mood of your room. Have a look at your space and see where you can add your own touch to the living room, your dining room or bedroom. Cleaning your windows and taking a look at your skirting boards and giving them a clean will also help with making the rooms look brighter and friendlier.

3. Change the look of your furniture

You could look to incorporate brighter pieces of furniture in your home to compliment the bright lights in your space and the chance to bring a bit more happiness into your home. Lightly coloured throws will help give your rooms a bit more character that tie in to the happy vibes of spring, and a change in pillows can also give your home a nice change for the new season.

4. Change up your curtains

Curtains can often look drab over time, especially the blackout ones that most people use in the winter. If you like you could change these to a different set of curtains, or look at net curtains to invite light in which will really lighten up your space and how it’ll look to others when they enter the room.

5. Introduce some indoor plants

A yucca plant or some classic succulent plants will really bring a whole new vibe to your home, and they can grow nicely when sat in the bright light and as the home warms up more. They’re also mostly low maintenance that don’t require constant watering or tending to, so long as they’re looked after each month.

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