Camping at a festival this year? Here are some essentials to consider taking with you

Camping at a festival this year? Here are some essentials to consider taking with you

I love the idea of festivals and camping at them just makes the whole experience that little bit more special. It means that the atmosphere carries through right into the night and the morning. However, camping at places like this can be a little harder than the usual campsite you may stay at. For one reason there is all the mud and a second reason would be the sheer volume of people. So I thought I would share with you some of the essentials to consider taking with you when camping at a festival. 

Baby wipes

Festivals get busy, and there are a lot of people in what seems like a small space, so showering may not be an option. So wet wipes or baby wipes are a great alternative for keeping you clean during the festival. They have been known to get muddy very quickly. Baby wipes work for everything so not only could you use them on your body but they could clean up your shoes and some of your tent area. 

Toilet essentials

The toilet situation may be great on the first day. But after that, they could become a little unsightly and a place you will want to spend the least amount of time. Make sure you are prepared with toilet rolls and wet wipes. You could even consider a great portable bidet solution to keep you hygienic and clean. 

A few changes of clothes

The likelihood is that you will get dirty and muddy so make sure you pack a few changes of clothes. However, try not to go overboard as you need to carry your bags to your tent pitch and then back again. So be clever with your choices. A great solution would be to pack a small spray of fabric freshener. Which you can spray on your clothes to keep them smelling fresh if they have managed to stay dirt-free. 

Wellington boots

As mentioned a fair few times already the chances of rain and mud are high at a festival. So make sure you are sensible with your footwear choice and pick wellies. These are great at festivals and look fabulous with any outfit choice. They are durable and comfortable making them the perfect choice. 

A rolling mat and sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is an essential piece of camping kit but don’t forget the roll mat. You will want something extra to lie on instead of the hard ground. It will make sleeping that little more comfortable. 

Water and a cool box

It is essential to have a good supply of water with you. Especially as it gets to the night where you may be thirsty. You may enjoy a few alcoholic drinks at the festival enjoying yourself. But water will be essential to help dilute the alcohol and also for the morning. Make sure you have a good supply of it as you may find that your nearest seller is a long walk away from your tent. 

Dry shampoo and other toiletries

Finally, the shower situation may be non-existent as mentioned earlier. So pack some toiletries to help you through the few days as best they can. Things like dry shampoo and a strong deodorant would be recommended. Along with baby talcum powder to help you dry quickly and some body spray perfume. You can’t take glass into these venues so make sure you leave your perfume and aftershave at home. 

I hope this guide helps you if you are camping at a festival this Summer. 


Camping at a festival this year? Here are some essentials to consider taking with you

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