The Benefits of Journaling for Children

The Benefits of Journaling for Children

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Journaling is something a lot of us do even as adults. To show your child how they can manage their emotions, their expectations and their understanding of the world, you should push them to write regularly in their journal. Having a diary for your child to write in regularly will give your child a range of benefits that will help their own personal development and increase their English language knowledge and skills.

In this guide from a private school in Reigate, we look at the biggest benefits journaling brings to children of all ages.

Greatly improves a child’s mental health

Motivating your child to write in their own time will help them understand their own thoughts and feelings, as well as work on how they can manage expectations. It allows them to look back at what they’re doing and how they handled a past situation, which makes for a child that has reflected on their actions. Having the ability to look back in hindsight at something will make your child able to approach a situation in a different way next time.

Helps a child with their understanding of communication

Communicating with others doesn’t just involve speech. It can also be found in the form of writing and listening to others, acknowledging other people’s feelings and learning how to approach them. Writing about their thoughts and feelings can help a child understand how they can cope with different scenarios in real life. Your child may feel naturally shy and use their journal to express their feelings in a different way.

Improves a child’s writing skills

Continually writing will always give your child the chance to improve their vocabulary, their understanding of grammar and how sentences can be formed. Children are also helping themselves learn about new words they can use in their writing. It’s a part of motivating your child to practice creative writing and help themselves with their English writing, and will greatly improve their skills in writing essays, stories and more.

Gives your child the chance to manage their self-esteem

Your child should feel motivated to work on managing their own privacy, which is part of the point of a journal or diary. Getting your child in the mood of understanding how to break down their thoughts and feelings will naturally give them self confidence and belief that they can manage things without support. They’re also more likely to take on new activities and interests now that they can break down their thought process in a manageable way.

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