6 Hacks to help you decorate your home for Christmas

6 Hacks to help you decorate your home for Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. We feel happy and joyful, excited to see family and friends, and as a parent, it is incredible to be the one who is the master of all the magic. The look on their faces when they see decorations, twinkly lights, and gifts on Christmas Day is a feeling like no other. However, let’s be honest, decorating your home for Christmas can be a little stressful. So here are some of the hacks to help you do it. 

Command hooks are priceless 

Who doesn’t love a command hook? They are amazing for hanging pictures in your home but they can be incredibly useful at Christmas as well. You can add a few hooks along a wall and display lights. You can use command Strips for decorations that need to be hung or even DIY advent calendars where you add your own surprises. You could even stick a command strip hook upside down on the inside of your front door so you can hang your wreath over the other side with ease. There are many uses for command hooks at Christmas that is for sure. 

Hurricane vase hack

The table can often be a centre point for any Christmas gathering and decorating it can be a lot of fun. If you like the idea of having big vases with candles inside then a little trick is to use a can inside the vase and place the candle on top. You use less filler inside the vase for decoration and your candle sits perfectly straight. 

Take a picture of the decorations box before you take it all out

If you find the packing up of the decorations a lot harder than the unpacking side of things then before you decorate for Christmas take a quick picture of the boxes before you take the decorations out. This will help you put everything back in its place with ease. 

Layer in wreaths on your Christmas tree

If you have an artificial tree you might find that sometimes they can look a little sparse. So a nice little trick here is to buy some wreaths in different sizes. Do your best to match in the colour. You could pick one that is decorated to your colour scheme or plain. Weave them into your tree and move them down to the size and notice how you start to fill in the gaps and make the tree appear fuller. 

Ribbon around your cabinets for Christmas cards

We all love to get Christmas cards, but displaying them can be difficult when you run out of windowsills and shelf space. So tie a ribbon around cupboard doors and use little pegs to display them instead. It is a great way to make the most of additional space and serves you well as extra decoration in your home. 

Garden plant cages make excellent DIY decorations

Finally, those cages you see for plants in garden centres to help the growth, these make excellent DIY decorations. Wrap them up with twinkly lights and display them in your home. You can buy outside lights and then display them in your gardens instead. 

Hopefully, these hacks will help you to decorate your home for Christmas. 

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