Essential craft supplies for kids

Essential craft supplies for kids

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Sometimes it can be difficult to keep kids entertained. One of the easiest ways to do this is by switching on the TV, but all parents know that cartoons only hold their attention for so long. Kids love to be active and exercise their creative muscles as they explore the world. If you really want to keep your children happy you should think about investing in some craft supplies. But with so much out there, it can be hard to know what to buy. If you aren’t very artistic yourself, this blog will give you some ideas for the kinds of things your little ones will love.


While children won’t be excited by the printer itself, it will give you access to a whole world of printable colouring books and worksheets that you can download for free. The printer itself is a bit of an expense in the beginning, but in the long run, it will end up being a budget-friendly way to keep the kids entertained. Make sure you stock up on canon printer ink to avoid disappointment or tears on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Coloured pencils and pens

One of the most important craft essentials, coloured pens or pencils allow kids to express themselves on paper. Whether they’re drawing, writing or colouring, you’ll want to give your little ones a big range of colours to experiment with. Make sure that any markers are washable and stick to pencils or crayons for younger children just in case they decide to put their pens in their mouth.

Paper and card

Children will quickly get bored with the lined paper in their notebooks or the printer paper you give them for drawing on. Luckily you can buy coloured card and paper with different textures in lots of local shops as well as online. Coloured paper means kids can experiment a bit more with their drawings, but it’s also great for practising simple origami and creating collages.

Scissors and glue

Getting little ones a pair of safety scissors helps them to refine their motor skills and really get creative. Consider giving your kids a pile of old magazines and letting them cut and stick pictures to their heart’s content. They could create posters or mood boards of all their favourite things, or even create pictures of what they would like their future homes to look like.

Paints and brushes

If your children are ready to move on from colouring, giving them some paints could be a great next step. Watercolours are a nice starting point as they don’t create as much mess as other types of paint, but poster paints are ideal for things like finger painting and creating stamps with potatoes and other vegetables. To keep your room clean and tidy while your kids paint, invest in a plastic table cloth or put down plenty of newspaper. Don’t forget to protect your carpet as well as surfaces, as this can be really tricky to clean.

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