The benefits of baking for you and your toddler

The benefits of baking for you and your toddler

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Who doesn’t love baking with their toddler? When you bake together, you can include your child in the cooking process and teach them about science, maths, creativity and confidence. You’ll also be giving them a head start on eating healthy foods by replacing sugar-laden ingredients with fruit or vegetables! This blog post will explore the benefits of baking together for both you and your little one.

Encourage a sense of adventure 

We all know feeding a toddler can be a challenge but what better way to get them to eat some good stuff, than put it in a cake?  Getting kids to try new things and exposing them as early as possible will make mealtimes both fun and delicious. So, if your little one is squirmy about strawberries or reticent about raspberries, putting a handful in a cake mix might encourage them to try. 

Maths, science and creativity 

Scales are essential for even the most expert baker and, for your toddler, it will get them used to concepts like volume and, of course, counting. Baking a cake is also a science experiment – the cake won’t rise without those eggs! And, finally, it’s a great way to be creative – the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorations and flavours.

Eating healthy 

Baking with your toddler is also a sneaky way of getting them to eat more fruit and veg – something we should all be trying to do. Replacing sugar-laden ingredients with healthy alternatives means you can still make a delicious cake that will be much better for your toddler. Simply swap out some of the caster sugar with grated veg which is high in natural sugar — carrots and parsnips are perfect.

Beating the boredom blues 

Making together is also a great way to banish the boredom blues. Rainy winter days don’t need to spend in front of our connected devices – baking some delicious cakes is a great way to spend time together which delivers a tangible (and delicious) result at the end. 

Decorating – the really fun bit

Decorating your cakes with your little one is the bit that both of you should look forward to the most. And, if you don’t want your toddler to be exposed to too much sugar why don’t you consider swapping out some ingredients for some healthy hacks? For instance, you can swap out icing for natural yoghurt or chocolate for dried fruit.
So, there you have it – some great reasons to start baking with your toddler today. Baking is a fun and creative way to spend time together, get them trying new things and teach them about maths, science and nutrition – all while making something delicious. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you have plenty of eggs and flour and start spending some quality time together. And, if you want some decorating inspiration why not head on over to London bakers Anges De Sucre for some ideas.


The benefits of baking for you and your toddler

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