Aiding Your Camping Experience

Aiding Your Camping Experience

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The UK has so many great camping spots and I think we’re quite lucky in Norfolk that there is such a variety of places to pick from. It’s nice to know that we can discover somewhere new and exciting not far from our own home or we can travel further if we want to. However, if camping is your holiday or short break of choice you’ll know that even a couple of days away means having to pack quite a lot and if you can get everything from one place, the less stress it will cause. has a great range of options to help get you on your way.

A tent

Obviously, the first thing on your list should be your tent. The size of your tent should really depend on how many people you’ll be travelling with and how comfortable you want to be. With Glamping being all the rage now a wigwam bell tent might be more of a fun choice, especially if you’re travelling with children. These tents can be much more spacious than you might first think and some can even fit more than 1 bed in them. There might not be separate rooms but that would make your trip even more fun.

Kitchen equipment

Obviously, tents don’t come with kitchens so you either have to eat out somewhere local or cook on the campsite. I’m not the biggest fan of having pots, pans and any other cooking equipment on the floor where it can get dirty and muddy so for me, fold-able kitchen equipment would be a great thing to take camping. Some fold-able camping kitchens have a lot of preparation space, storage and shelves and even space for washing up!

Clothes storage

Something that I really hate when travelling or going on short trips is living out of a suitcase or a bag. I like to have at least some of my clothes aired out and folded but the confines on camping can make this a bit tricky. Something I recently discovered was folding furniture for campers and I think it’s a genius idea. Having small items of furniture could really make camping seem a bit more like home and like you’re sleeping in a real room, rather than in a tent.

Little luxuries

I personally stay in hotels more often than not and when camping I miss the little luxuries of home. These things might not make a big difference to your camping experience but I think things like your favourite mug, a special blanket or your favourite meals can really help your holiday be a great one. Children especially miss their home comforts and can find a new place quite strange and favourites such as a toy or bear can help them to relax and settle in to their new holiday home!

What items do you recommend to help with a camping trip?


Aiding Your Camping Experience

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