Baby Book Club Review

It’s no secret that we love books in this house and it’s no different for Erin. The problem sometimes is trying to figure out which books to use for a certain theme or which books go nicely together. Baby Book Club is a great way to receive new books every month through your door!

Each month you are able to get three books delivered with subscriptions starting at £30 for a three month package. 6 and 12 month packages are also available. The books we received this month were worth over double what the monthly cost would be (£10) so it’s fantastic value for money.

The books will have a theme or idea behind them, with this month’s being Friendship. 

This month we received the following books:

Be Friendly Little Pig by Tiziana Bendall-Brunello 

Little Pig finds a book lying in the farmyard. He wants a friend to show him how to read it. Can the other animals help him? will the little boy be his friend?

Copycat Bear by Ellie Sandall

Mango is a little bird with a BIG problem. Her best bear friend Blue copies everything she does! But when Mango flies off in a huff, Blue can’t follow and soon Mango starts to feel lonely… Where is her copycat bear?

Baby Book Club

Bubble Trouble by Tom Percival

Rueben and Felix are best friends, and what they like doing best . . . is blowing bubbles – the bigger, the better! It all starts to go wrong when Rueben challenges Felix to a bubble-blowing competition. When they sabotage each other’s bubble machines, the results are disastrous. It’s time to stop fighting against each other and pull together! 

The books are a lovely choice and not just for Erin’s age. She is 17 months old but I like to read her a whole range of books aimed at different ages.

The theme of these books is Friendship and each book does it really well. What I really love is that each book is about a different kind of friendship. They’re also about being friends with different kinds of people and animals. The books are also all very different. Bubble Trouble has giant liftable bubbles inside and Erin loves flap books at the moment.

Baby Book Club gives the option of returning any of the books, should you already have them, provided they are returned in the same state that they arrived. I really love this. I really don’t like the idea of paying for surprise books but then ended up with loads of duplicates and no option of doing anything with them. This was really clever thinking on the part of Baby Book Club.

Reading with children is so important and the Baby Book Club is such a fun way of getting your children excited about books. What better than getting lovely wrapped books in the post and getting to discover something new?

Would you be interested in a Baby Book Club membership? I think it would make a perfect present for someone with children! 

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. This post also contains affilliate links.


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