Solo naps and how to spend the time!

Erin is 17 months old and something big happened this month. She now naps on her own! I’ll get to why soon but right now, I’m dealing with solo naps and how to spend the time!

Erin was born by emergency section and I ended up with a 2nd surgery a week later. Due to this, my recovery was super slow and I couldn’t really get up and about a lot with Erin during those first couple of months. She hated her moses basket during the day so I ended up letting her sleep on me. I sort of never really changed that and 17 months on, we were still napping together. We have also co-slept for quite some time as well. Erin has been sleeping in her cot in her own bedroom for quite some time now but that has sometimes ended up with middle of the night cuddles.

I know that this will shock some people, and I know that people will probably judge me for it. Do I give a shit? Nope.

At the beginning of this month I decided things needed to change. Erin had been quite ill with tonsillitis and was more clingy than normal. She was sleeping, laid right on top of me and I desperately needed to pee. I was terrified of moving because I didn’t want to wake her up. I did, and that exact thing happened. Erin screamed for ages because she didn’t want me to go anywhere and she wanted me to keep holding her. It was awful but it made something click. I realised that Erin needed to learn how to finally nap on her own. I also needed time to myself!

What I wasn’t expecting was for Erin to take to solo napping so easily. I started this thinking it would take weeks. After a whole week she had slept on her own for every single nap. She cries for a couple of minutes and soon settles herself to sleep. She still has long 2+ hour naps and I am left wondering what the hell to do with myself? I have had 17 months of napping when Erin naps and getting bugger all done during the day.

I could be really sensible and get some cleaning done. I could even do some online work and get ahead of myself. However, I find myself still wanting to nap, even if it’s on my own. I also find myself binge watching TV shows like Orange Is The New Black or just making the most of having some quiet time. I honestly feel a little bit lost without my midday Erin cuddles.

I know that most people never nap like Erin and I did. I know that it’s not really the ‘norm’. However, it has been for our family and it has worked for us. Now though, my little girl is growing up and becoming less dependent on me for some things. I love it and hate it at the same time.

How did your children cope with sleeping on their own?




8 thoughts on “Solo naps and how to spend the time!”

  1. Ahhh I’ve only just started getting Pickle to solo nap too and it has given me a whole sense of freedom – but I miss the excuse to sit and do nothing! I always use it as a chance to make myself a cup of tea though.

  2. Not giving a sh** what others think is a good approach! Our older son has always been a terrible sleeper – he didn’t sleep through the night until he was about 4, and always ended up in our bed.

  3. We went from feeding Zach to sleep during the day to him not wanting breastfeeding at all in a very short space of time. I felt really bereft but he now sleeps through the night and has up to an hour nap during the day. I try to catch up with everything but the list of jobs and chores is endless 🙁

  4. It is great that you are changing things up to suit yourselves, not to suit others. You do what works for you and who cares what anyone else thinks! What shit will just make you feel down.

    Also, if you want to enjoy the time relaxing I wouldn’t say that is a waste of time. It is great for your mental health which in turn can make you a happier and more relaxed Mum. Win win really.

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