BABY born Toothcare Spa Review

BABY born Toothcare Spa Review

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Erin hasn’t always been great at brushing her teeth. If it’s not falling asleep before bedtime it might be pure unwillingness to do it. We have had so many days of it taking ages to get the job done but luckily, Erin has started to get a bit better with it. One way that we have found to help in situations like this is to learn through play.

Erin loves to play with her dolls and can think of new things to do with the BABY born brother and BABY born sister for hours. I knew immediately that she would enjoy playing with the BABY born Toothcare Spa (AD) and that it would add a lot more to her play sessions. The BABY born Toothcare Spa consists of a stand with wash basin, mirror that lights up, a duck plug, toothbrush, wash cloth and a cup.

Erin with the BABY born Toothcare Spa

Once you have removed the BABY born Toothcare Spa from the packaging there isn’t much setting up to do before you are able to play. The set comes with batteries already in the main part and batteries are included ready to put in the toothbrush. I really like that everything you need to get started is included and there is not much set up time. I have a very impatient 4 year old who would have got a bit restless waiting to be able to play.

Erin with the BABY born Toothcare Spa

The BABY born Toothcare Spa Review has some really fun features, such as the light up mirror, toothbrush that vibrates and the cup that gurgles when you take it out of it’s place. These features all really help to role play with the doll and to encourage children to learn about oral care.

The instructions that come with the BABY born Toothcare Spa are not very detailed and some aspects of the toy are really hard to figure out. We knew that the tap should pump real water but it took us so long to figure out how it really worked. We had added the water to the basin as we thought we should but nothing was happening. After about 40 minutes of pumping the tap we FINALLY got some water to come out. This aspect was really frustrating and it would have been helpful if the instructions had said clearly what we needed to do.

Erin with the BABY born Toothcare Spa

Although it took us a while to get going and be able to use all of the features Erin really enjoyed using her BABY born brother, who she calls Charlie, with the BABY born Toothcare Spa Review. She spent a lot of time brushing his teeth, rinsing his mouth afterwards and making sure he was all clean with the cloth.


BABY born Toothcare Spa Review

6 thoughts on “BABY born Toothcare Spa Review”

  1. Oh this is such a cute little gift for a little girl and I’m sure it will encourage a little dental hygiene too.

  2. She’s doing a grand old job with the doll! I agree anything to take the chore out of trying to get mine to brush their teeth is a bonus, they all whinge about it!

  3. My three constantly have to be reminded to brush their teeth – even the older two! I would say any toy that encourages it is great – and Erin looks like she is having great fun!

  4. This is a great doll and a fantastic way of teaching children about looking after their teeth through play. I have a tough time getting my boys to brush their teeth, it’s a battle ever day so maybe we need to get something like this to encourage them xx

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