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Baby’s 1st Birthday Party: 5 Ways to Make the Occasion Extra Special


A first birthday party is a big event, and you want to make it special for everyone involved. After this, plenty of parties will come thick and fast, but none will be as special as your own child’s first.

The good news is that there are a number of easy, fun ways to make that party special. Below, we give you some handy tips for a great 1st birthday party.

1. Factor in a Nap Time

The first birthday will be a big occasion for the baby, and that means that they will get tired. It is okay to factor in a nap time for them. In fact, it gives you a little more time to unwind and talk with guests.

If you think the baby will not sleep with all the stimulation, then make the party a little shorter. If you start early, you can finish up just in time for the afternoon sleep session.

2. Make It Entertaining for Adults

The party will be a big event and a big day for you and your baby. However, by the time you go to all the other birthday parties for baby’s friends, and then you get invited to the ones at the creche, things to start to get a little tedious. Adults need some fun at these events as well.

Try serving some beer or wine, or even ask them to bring some along in the party invitations. You could even set up some informal games for the adults to play, or bring out interesting, homemade snacks just for grown-ups. Just remember, it is a party.

3. Hand Out Responsibility to Older Children

For older children at a party, it can often be a little daunting. Sometimes they want to be seen as bigger and grown-up, but they are placed in with the small babies. One way to make them feel included is to give them responsibilities. 

Get them to organise games or fun activities. They could even help with minor tasks in the kitchen, or handing out food in a waiter type role. In the end, remember to thank them to make them feel appreciated or give them a small gift. 

4. Take Some Photos Before the Guests Arrive

When the guests arrive baby will get excited. Their clothes will get messy, and they will be covered in food and dirt from all the playing. To get pictures of them at their best, take some photos before.

These do not have to be long, drawn-out artistic shots. In fact, natural is always the best. Let your baby play and while wearing their birthday outfit, then snap away.

5. 1st Birthday Party Memory Capsule

Before the party starts, get a selection of pens and post-it notes. During the party, ask guests to write a note or memory for the baby to read when they turn 18. They can then fold them and place them in one large box or envelope. 

People could write memories, advice, or wishes. Then store them away, ready for the big party in the future. It will come quicker than you think!

Setting Up

Now you have the 1st birthday party ideas, get them set up! On the day, you will need some help as balancing party arranging and life with a baby is tough. 

If you need more ideas on bringing up children or balancing the family and work life, then making visiting our blog a regular occurrence. We have regular articles about navigating the perils of parenthood, so stop by daily and see what we can help with!


Baby's 1st Birthday Party: 5 Ways to Make the Occasion Extra Special

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