Tips for adding luxury to your bathroom

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When it comes to our fixer upper of a Victorian house, I have to say that my favourite room in the house is the bathroom. To anyone that knows me, or has been in our house, they may think that is a strange choice. We have had two rooms upstairs completely re-done, but not the bathroom. You see, we need a new boiler and heating and we’re planning on moving the bathroom upstairs.

Unfortunately, the bathroom to be will be a fair bit smaller than the room it is now. However, this means that I can probably splash out a bit on a couple of little luxuries. Gul have come up with some great tips for adding a bit of luxury to your bathroom which you can see below! The great thing is, there are both big and small options. Luxury doesn’t have to been crazy expense.


While a freestanding bath may be my dream, I don’t think it’s going to fit in the new room, unless that’s all I have in there. However, something a bit more realistic are bathroom floor tiles from Gul Group. A small room doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make into the room of your dreams.

As a mum to a nearly 1 year old, crazy puppy owner and wife, the bathroom is my room to escape to. When I go for a bath I love to just shut off completely, close my eyes and relax. Gul’s tips have really given me some inspiration for the new bathroom. I remember how nice it feels to get out of a lovely, hot bubble bath and wrap yourself in a super soft towel. These certainly don’t cost much at all. I can’t wait to start planning now; these tips have given me so much inspiration.

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