Beard Care Tips For New Dads

Beard Care Tips For New Dads

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Being a dad for the first time is a magical experience. Bringing new life into the world is a whole new responsibility, and for many, it can quickly make us feel exhausted. Being more tired can result in new dads neglecting their appearance, or being unable to find the time to get back to their regular grooming routine. 

To help dads get back on track each day, here are some useful beard care tips for new dads, or those dads who really need to get back into their grooming routine!

Find a style that works.

Beards come in all shapes and sizes, but you may find that your regular look isn’t really working when you have a little one join the family. You’ll find that your time is stretched and that you have to change your look to incorporate something that is easier to keep up with. For example, if you normally trim your beard into a specific style a few times per week, you may want to change things up to keep things simple and to keep grooming time to a minimum.

Keep it easy to maintain.

If you’re on the morning shift with your new baby, you may find yourself low on time, and getting out the razor is completely out of the question. However, on the days where you do get a little more personal time, make sure you look after yourself. Get your grooming routine back on the go and care for your skin and beard with shampoos and oils. 

Use beard oils.

If your beard is getting a little long and scratchy, you should use a beard oil to soften the hair and make it more pleasant to the touch. Babies tend to grab whatever they can find so keeping your beard short and soft will prevent any unpleasant sensations for you and for them! As well as this, a soft beard can prevent nasty scratches on a baby’s face or skin. Beard oils can also keep your beard fresh between washes, so is something worth investing in. 

Invest in quality beard care products.

Beard grooming tools and products can be found in a range of places, but to ensure you get the results you want, you should pick out those of a good quality. Any beard shampoo, oils, balms or aftershaves should include natural ingredients as these will provide the best benefits. Those with other unnatural ingredients can irritate the skin underneath your beard causing it to itch and flake. Feeling comfortable makes grooming your beard so much quicker and easier!

Keep these tips in mind for any new dads out there.

Maybe you’re a new dad, a partner of  new dad, or you might know a friend or family member that has recently become a father. Whatever it is, remember these tips to keep both dad and baby happy, and don’t forget to encourage them to look after themselves, as well as their newborn!

Do you have any other beard care tips for new dads? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Beard Care Tips For New Dads

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