Being Self-Employed And Going On Holiday

Being Self-Employed And Going On Holiday

Today we are going to Haven Seashore in Great Yarmouth for a 4 night holiday. We went to Haven (Caister-on-Sea) for the first time last year and Erin has such a good time that we wanted to go back but try out a different park. This holiday was a gift from my Mum and she’s actually coming with us seeing as there was extra space in the caravan. Erin is so excited about getting to share a bedroom on holiday with her Grandma and John is really looking forward to having a week off work. While John gets to relax and have a fun time with Erin, my week will be slightly different. The thing with being self-employed is that you hardly ever get a proper break.

Creating content

While were away I will be thinking of and creating content for future blog posts and YouTube videos. Although this trip away is not for work in any way I know my readers like to read certain posts. Some of the posts from our last Haven holiday are some of my most popular so it would be silly not to write about this trip. Sometimes, while John, Erin and my Mum will be off playing at the park or something, I will be taking photos and filming the things that we get up to.

While it’s hard sometimes to feel like a camera is always attached to my hand while we’re away, Erin actually loves watching the videos back on YouTube so I do this as much for her as anything else.


Being away for 5 days could mean a whole working week of emails building up in my inbox. I hate to leave emails and not respond to them in a timely manner, even if I have an Out of Office set. While I don’t reply to emails during the day I do try to catch up on an evening when Erin is in bed. Sometimes work can be offered but a quick turnaround is needed or someone needs an answer by a certain date and I’d hate to miss out because I hadn’t checked my inbox.

Social Media

When we go on holiday I do try to schedule as much of my social media in advance as possible. This can take quite a lot of pressure off me for the week but there are still things that need doing. Part of being a blogger means that readers (and watchers) want to know what you’re getting up to and how you’re spending your time whether that be on holiday or on a regular day. This means that things like Instagram, stories and Facebook can’t be ignored. This week I’ll be posting regularly on Instagram stories and also adding a few photos from our week too.

Of course, going on holiday doesn’t mean a week of constant work. I will still be spending quality time with my family without my phone in my hand for a large portion of the week but I will also have to dip in and out of work mode at the same time. The thing is, I could have a week off completely if I wanted to but that would probably mean less views on the blog, losing followers and making all of the hard work I’ve put in this year a bit pointless. Luckily, John and Erin understand that I have to work sometimes and as long as I don’t let it take over our time together then it’s okay!


Being Self-Employed And Going On Holiday

10 thoughts on “Being Self-Employed And Going On Holiday”

  1. This gave me a lot to think about, considering I’m going on holiday for ten days next month. I will try to follow your advice and perhaps make notes and then write it up when I’m back.

  2. I struggle to switch off from my blog, I carry a notebook with me at all times in case inspiration hits.

    I really need to look at scheduling posts on social media though, I think it would really help.

    Have a lovely holiday x x

  3. I know where you’re coming from. I do cut back a bit on the blogging over the summer, but even when I’m not writing posts I’m always in work mode e.g. photos of anything that could lend itself to a future blog post.

  4. that is such a good idea especially when scheduling social media posts – when i go on holiday i stop all acticity as i tend to just relax and unwind – but maybe having posts posted is a great idea kind regards Pati robins

  5. I’m away for 6 weeks over July/august and I am worrying about this a lot. Im going to have to just work on the go at times, when the kids are in bed on press trips, and juggle it that way. It’s hard!

  6. One of my fear as a freelancer is going into a Holiday. It feels like I don’t want to open even a single email. But Glad I was able to manage everything now.

  7. I never stop working as such. I always check my emails and upload to social media . Itโ€™s a force of habit . I try and put aside a few minutes to do this or work when the girls have gone to bed

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