The Big Change: Preparing Your Kids For A New Home

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Moving to a new home is a big step for everyone. Your concerns might seem a lot grander in scale than your child’s, but that doesn’t mean theirs are any less valid. They will have fears and concerns that can make the whole experience a negative one. But there’s a lot you can do to change their viewpoint and help them see the silver linings.

Visit it beforehand

If the new home is entirely alien to them, then it’s easy to see how it might be something to fear. The first time they see it, it will be a big, empty husk of a house. If you can, take them to see the home when it’s open for viewings and still furnished. Get them excited by pointing out which rooms are theirs, what they can do in your new garden, and changes they can help make in decorating their own space. When you visit, keep an upbeat, excited attitude.

Tell them what’s involved

Moving day alone can be complex and hectic. You will be dealing with the stress of the move and your child will be witness to all of it. Tell them what’s going to happen step-by-step. If you’re using moving services like Mybekins, make sure they know that they’re there to help, not to take all their things away from them. If they don’t know what’s happening, they can easily make their own assumptions just like that and few of them will be positive.

Get them involved

If they have an active role in helping to pack and tidy up, it feels much less like something that’s happening to them and more like a big job that they’re helping with. Let them have a box for all their own toys and let them choose one to bring on the car ride. Get them involved mentally, too. Talk to them about where you’re going to live and what life will be like there. If they have fears about leaving behind friends or moving to a new school, acknowledge their concerns but focus on what there is to look forward to, like new friends and what they might like in their new environment.

Help them acclimate

Take time to help them get to know their new home once they get there. It will take time to unpack and decorate, but you can start learning about the area immediately. Sites like Yuggler make it easy to find nearby family and kid activities. There may very well be opportunities you didn’t have in your old home, which you can chalk up as a win for them when talking about the pros and cons. On the weekends, take a walk in any nearby parks, woodlands, or beaches. Find the spots they will fall in love with in advance so you can start the process of acclimation much more quickly.

As justified and often realized as their fears can be, you can play a huge role in helping assuage them and letting them see the positives to come with the move, too. If you let them wallow in their insecurities, they can fester and become serious issues with their new home.

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