Staying Squeaky Clean With Good Bubble

When it comes to bedtime we have quite a strict routine. The time may change depending on what has been going on but Erin always has a bath, watches In The Night Garden and then goes to bed. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, a bath is the most important part of our bedtime routine. Although she whinges a little bit sometimes when it’s time to get in, because she doesn’t want to stop whatever else she is doing, she never actually wants to get out either! I would say it’s probably her favourite time of day. Back at Blog On we received a sample of Good Bubble Bubble Bath and fell in love with it.

Good Bubble’s name really fits the brand well. It is ‘UK and Ireland’s first range of superfruit toiletries for children and all products are at least 98% natural.’ Erin has quite delicate skin and can be prone to eczema outbreaks depending on the products we use on her skin. We first tried the Bubble Bath with Cloudberry extract and the smell was amazing. I wanted to use it for myself instead of keeping it for Erin. When Good Bubble sent us some more goodies to try, I was so excited!

Staying Squeaky Clean With Good Bubble

Good Bubble offer Bubble Bath, Hair and Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner with both Cloudberry and Dragon Fruit extracts as well as 100% pure organic coconut oil. There are even adorable mascots Clara Cloudberry and Dexter Dragon Fruit who come as wash mitts!

Good Bubble

To start with, all of the Good Bubble products smell amazing and I’m not sure I can pick which one I like the most! As soon as you open the bottles you can smell what is inside so you can imagine how nice the bubble bath smells once it is in the water. The bubble bath also bubbles up really well and Erin has loads of fun popping them and playing with her boats!

Erin’s hair is starting to get quite long and can get pretty knotty, depending on what products we use in the bath. With the Good Bubble products, Erin comes out of the bath with knot free hair whether we use the shampoo and conditioner or the hair and body wash. I’m so glad I don’t have to battle with knots while we sit and watch In The Night Garden together before bed.Staying Squeaky Clean With Good Bubble

Staying Squeaky Clean With Good Bubble

Erin comes out of the bath smelling great and being wonderfully clean. We have been using the Good Bubble products for a couple of months now from our first sample to this review and Erin has never had a reaction. Good Bubble has definitely found a new home in our bathroom!

Disclaimer: We received these products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

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