Big girl bed – aka the cot!

Erin is now 7 months old and she has only just come out of her moses basket. I know that sounds like she should be way too old and should have been out of it ages ago. As Erin was premature and only 4lb 8oz, she has always been small for her age. For the past couple of weeks, she has stopped sleeping through and I had no idea why. I looked at her the other night and realised she didn’t have much space in the moses basket anymore. I figured it was time for her big girl bed aka the cot!

Erin’s bedroom is STILL not finished. It doesn’t have a door and it doesn’t have a blind so she can’t sleep in there. We have had to move the cot into our room for now. I have to squeeze to my side of the bed every night. We couldn’t put it anywhere else without rearranging the whole room or it being in front of the window. At least the cot does have new bedding.

I really don’t mind though to be honest. I am so not ready for Erin to be in her own room because I like having her in with us. The little things can make me smile, even half asleep. I like the 3am cuddles sometimes when she wakes up. It makes me feel at ease knowing that she’s right there. I love hearing the little funny noises she makes in her sleep. Strangely, I love listening to her trump at night. I don’t know why.

Erin still isn’t sleeping through though. Her big girl bed has made no difference. The sleeping is getting better though. Erin wakes up a couple of times a night still. Sometimes she just needs her dummy or a cuddle. Sometimes she wakes up properly at 5am. From one day to the next I can never tell. The only thing I do know is that Erin is clearly happier with a bit of room to roll around in.

11 thoughts on “Big girl bed – aka the cot!”

  1. Aww bless, well done Erin and good for you too. I too preferred my first born to be in our room far beyond the recommended 6mths. It wasn’t until he was 13mths old that he went in his own room and I still check on him through the night. My newborn will stay in with us until I’m ready to move him into his own room too. Xx

  2. We had our kids in with us as well when they were little, and I used to find it reassuring being able to hear them. After that they shared a room until they were 7 and 5 which worked really well too – stopped them both getting in with us. Hope you get some uninterrupted nights soon 🙂

  3. Aww I remember those transitions, before you know it you’ll have her in a toddler bed wondering where the time went that she was in a cot! So Sweet!

  4. Aw you’ve got to do what’s right for you and your child haven’t you? If it works then that’s ‘right’. Hope she’s enjoying her new bed 🙂

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