Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

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John’s birthday was this weekend just passed and this year I set out to find him some cool birthday presents. Men seem to get boring presents like socks so I thought it was about time I showed you all some Birthday Gift Ideas For Men.


We are very lucky to have a large garden and we love to spend time out there on a weekend. Erin loves to play outside and it’s a great place to have quality time as a family. What better way to way to do that more than with a BBQ!

The Weber Compact Charcoal Barbecue from Hayes Garden World (full review coming soon) is perfect for us to use on our own but it’s also great for having people over as well. The size means it is easy to store in a shed if you don’t have much space as well!

Speaking of BBQs, John likes his food with a bit of a kick so this Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce is the perfect present for him. If you like something with a bit of heat to it as well, the Carolina Reaper chilli, is more than 22 times hotter than the piri piri chilli. Would you try this one!?

A New Outfit

John tends to get the worst deal when it comes to new clothes in this house. Seeing as he leaves the house for work at 7am and gets home anywhere between 4:30 and 6:30pm. He spends the majority of his time in black trousers and a boring shirt for work and then in jeans/ short and a t-shirt at home. His clothes are the last to get replaced if he needs something new so getting him a smart shirt and tie was a great idea! This navy shirt and silver tie from Dobell are so smart and stylish and John will look great in them at a wedding we’re going to next week.

A Bit Of Luxury

When we go away John is the one who carries the bags. If we go to London he has to carry pretty much everything as I’m terrified of the escalators. John’s bag was a bit of a state and starting to fall apart from overuse so a replacement was very much in need.

Mainline Menswear (full review coming soon) have some fantastic options for bags and luggage for men. The Armani Jeans Logo Holdall Bag is perfect for our weekends away and for John to take to work when he needs to. John also now has the Emporio Armani Train Prime Pouch Shoulder Bag which is perfect for when we’re out and about.


A lot of men would love a fantastic set of tools for their birthday. Amtech have a fantastic range to choose from, including the 65pc Assorted Tool Kit, 5pc Stubby Tool Set and 3 Function 8 LED Headlight.


These three make doing little jobs around the house much easier as there is near enough everything you could need! The big 65 piece set comes with loads of interchangeable pieces and it comes is a fantastic case, which keeps everything together. The headlight is fantastic for so many different things; doing jobs in darker areas of the house, cleaning out the rabbits while it’s nighttime and dark outside, biking in the dark, just to name a few!

What you you buy for the men in your life on their birthdays? 


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