The Best Cars For Family Road Trips

The Best Cars For Family Road Trips

More and more families are opting for a ‘staycation’ and exploring the UK in their spare time, rather than paying expensive airfares to holiday abroad. If you’re regularly driving around, you’ll want to have a car that can stand up to the varied UK roads, whilst being comfortable for both you and your passengers. Here are some of the best cars for road trips.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has long been known as a road trip car, because of its reliability and the fact that it has plenty of space. The boot is large to allow room for your entire luggage, and the back seats can comfortably accommodate adult passengers. The front seats are comfortable, which is incredibly important for long journeys. However, if you’re thinking of buying a new Honda Accord, I’m afraid it’s not possible in the UK as they were axed in 2015.

Dacia Duster

If budget is important to you, the Dacia Duster is an affordable option for a family road trip. It’s available with either a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. It’s basic, but there is plenty of boot space for the luggage, and it can comfortably seat five people. You can upgrade to the Prestige version for better media equipment, a reversing camera and reversing parking sensors. Reversing cameras can also be a useful addition to a vehicle, particularly when driving long distances. Additional safety precautions are always worthwhile when travelling with family.

Land Rover Discovery

Yes, it’s a little pricey, but you’ll struggle to find a better family car for a road trip. The boot is spacious and the car can seat up to seven people. Plus, if you buy new, you can find plenty of optional extras such as seat-back TV screens and a cool box to keep snacks cold. If you are interested in a ‘Disco’ but worried about the affordability – why not try leasing a Land Rover Discovery?

Ford Mondeo

If you’re looking for an all-round estate car, you can’t go far wrong with the Ford Mondeo. It has a choice of engines, so you can choose the best one for your needs – whether you would rather it be fast or efficient. The luggage capacity in the boot is a stunning 537 litres.

Hyundai Santa Fe

If you need a family car with seven seats, the Hyundai Santa Fe is a great option. It’s spacious, even in the back row. It has a sleek design and doesn’t compromise on luxury touches, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for a bigger car without sacrificing style.

Skoda Superb Estate

For a larger car with plenty of legroom in the back, the Skoda Superb Estate is ideal. It’s comfortable and simple to drive, making it great for driving long distances. Plus, the boot has a capacity of 660 litres, so you don’t need to leave anything at home.

Renault Kadjar

The Renault Kadjar isn’t just ideal for road trips. It’s also ideal as an everyday car. It has a low purchase price, reduced running costs and a practical interior. It’s also equally as capable of long motorway journeys as it is of the daily commute.

What car do you use for your family road trips?

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