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Boots Mini Club Summer Clothes Review

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I love getting new clothes for Erin. I love for her to have a really good choice and because of when she was born, she needs different clothes for different seasons in the same size. One of our favourite brands is Boots Mini Club. We have had some wonderful bits from them in the past so I couldn’t wait to get Erin in some of their summer clothes.

The pack of two playsuits were £10 and I think well priced, considering you get two. I chose this set because of the bright watermelon print and also because I love Erin in blue. I think most of both of our clothes would be navy if I could get away with it!

The playsuits are made from really soft material and were lovely to touch. We got these in 1.5-2 years as I wanted to make sure they lasted Erin through the whole summer. Erin is now nearly 19 months old and these fit her perfectly. We’ll see the summer out of them but only just I think.

Something I was sad to not see on the playsuits were poppers. Getting the playsuits on and off, especially around times when Erin needed to be changed, was a bit tricky. When you have a wriggly toddler who doesn’t want to stay still, ease and quickness is key and that’s not what we got with these playsuits. One time, Erin got her foot caught and as I was trying to get her out of the playsuit, it ripped where the seam to the elastic middle is! I was so sad!

As much as I loved the material and the prints I wouldn’t buy these again because of how you need to get in and out of them.

The next set is a navy and white striped dress with navy leggings which was £13. I LOVE this set so much.

The sizing on the set is much better than that of the playsuits. The leggings are still a tiny bit too long on Erin and the dress comes down to her knees. This is definitely going to last her until the end the year. The material on the dress is quite thick so teamed up with a cardigan, it will be perfect for Autumn and Winter.

What I love about this dress is how swishy it is. Erin wore it when we went to the cinema with her for the first time. She was so happy running up and down the corridor while we were waiting to be able to go into the screen. She looked so lovely with her dress flowing around her!

Although we had a bit of a mishap with one of the playsuits, Boots Mini Club still remains one of my favourite brands for Erin.

Disclaimer: We were sent these items for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.

Boots Mini Club

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