Busy Mum? Try these six craft ideas to keep your kids entertained

Busy Mum? Try these six craft ideas to keep your kids entertained

Being a Mum means we are busy. I know this only too well being a Mum to a 5 year old myself myself. It’s hard to keep everyone happy with a to-do list that never ends and children to entertain. But this is where a little bit of preparation can take you a long way. Children are the one thing we can’t put to the bottom of our list. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself with some activities for when you need them entertained. Here’re a few ideas to try. Remember preparation is key to being able to pull these crafts out at the perfect moment.

Colouring and drawing

Having a good stock of paper, coloured pencils and pens arms you with the tools to entertain your kids at a moment’s notice. Setting up an opportunity for your kids to colour and draw pictures requires minimum preparation from yourself. You don’t need a huge amount of workspace and it doesn’t create much mess. Depending on your child’s age this is an activity that could be done unsupervised.


All kids like a good painting session. Young ones especially. Having some washable paints, paper, aprons and a work surface mat is all you need. You potentially need a clearer workspace for your kids to paint. This activity also takes a little bit of preparation and could do with some supervision. I would recommend being in the same room.

Glueing and sticking

You can let your child’s imagination run wild with just a little PVA Glue, a blank canvas and ripped up coloured paper. Collect textured coloured materials and allow your children to create some masterpieces. Bits of tin foil, egg boxes, coloured wrapping, tissue paper and so on. The options are endless. Like the painting craft, this needs some preparation and setting up. But could occupy your kids for a while.

Seasonal craft

Things like Valentines, Mother’s day and Christmas can all be viable subjects for craft ideas. If you can accommodate any of the above activities then turning it into something a bit more will be easy. Give your child a subject or an idea on what to create and then let them get on with it. It could be cards for grandparents, decorating eggs for Easter, or Christmas decorations. The possibilities are endless and if you require a little inspiration, I recommend checking out Pinterest.

Textile crafts

For something a little different why not try using textiles in your crafts. Things like friendship bracelets, sewing projects, or knitting. Teaching your children something you may have loved to do and then watch them blossom. Creating new and exciting things while giving you a bit of time to yourself.

Mystery boxes

With a bit of preparation in advance, you could create mystery boxes that could be brought out as and when you need them. These could be sensory-based, a project, or a craft idea. For younger kids different things to play with like wooden kitchen utensils or noisy objects.

I hope these ideas help entertain your children in those hours of need.


Busy Mum? Try these six craft ideas to keep your kids entertained

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