How To Make Your Garden Family Friendly This Summer

Children will immediately head outside once the sun starts to shine, as they may want to kick a football, jump up and down on a trampoline, or play with a pet pooch in a garden.

As a result, parents will want to provide their kids with a safe, fun space to play, so they can enjoy many happy memories in the outdoors. Find out how to make your garden family friendly this summer.

Allow Your Kids to Have Fun with a Dedicated Play Area

Reduce wear and tear in your garden by creating a dedicated play area. It will provide your kids with an outdoor space of their own to have fun, which can minimise damage to your grass. For example, you could add a climbing frame or playhouse, so they can play while you read a good book outdoors or fire up a BBQ.

Enjoy Each Other’s Company with a Relaxing Seating Area

If you plan to spend much of the summer in your garden, you should add a seating area. Buy durable garden furniture that can survive various climates, such as wicker, so you will all have a place to sit to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. You could even add an outdoor dining table and chairs, so you can enjoy many alfresco meals together throughout the season.

Add Some Life with a Beautiful Pond

You can guarantee your children will love to watch colourful fish swim through a pond on a summer’s day. A family-friendly water feature that will add to the beauty and tranquillity of your garden. You can also teach them how to feed fish, so they will learn how to care for another living creature. Turn to Water Garden to find the perfect pond pumps, filters, and maintenance accessories. If you do add a pond be sure to make it child- friendly, with barriers as and where necessary.

Invest in a Lockable Garden Chest to Maintain a Tidy Garden

Children are naturally messy, especially when playing in the outdoors. If you want to maintain a beautiful garden while allowing your kids to have fun, you should buy a lockable garden chest.

It will provide your kids with a place to store their footballs, toys, and bikes when not in use. Alternatively, you can use a chest to store sharp garden tools or chemicals to keep them out of your children’s reach.

Avoid Incorporating Toxic Plants and Flowers

Young children often put things into their mouths, or your dog might be tempted to chew on your flowers. For this reason, you must avoid adding poisonous or toxic garden plants in your garden. For example, do not plant monkshood, laburnum, hemlock, or lily of the valley.

Seek Shelter from the Sun by Adding Shade

It is vital the whole family has a safe space to take shelter from the intensity of the summer sun, which will prevent sunburn. For example, you can add patio umbrellas over a decking area or outdoor dining table. You could also hang a pergola with climbing plants or trellises to enjoy a little shade.


How To Make Your Garden Family Friendly This Summer

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