Repair Or Replace What to Do If Your Washing Machine Is Broken

Repair Or Replace? What to Do If Your Washing Machine Is Broken

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When your washing machine breaks, you either need to repair it or replace it. Most people don’t think about their appliances breaking until they do. What happens when your clothes won’t clean, the door won’t close, there is a strange smell coming from inside that you can no longer ignore, or the spin cycle isn’t working? In any of these cases, you will have to repair or replace your washing machine. But which one should you go with? Considering the cost of repairing and replacing varies based on the model you have and how old your machine is. Keep reading for more information on what to do if your washing machine is broken.

Common Washing Machine Problems

There are a number of different problems that can affect your washing machine. Some of the most common problems we’ll go into below include: 

  • Not starting
  • Not draining
  • Creating excessive noise or vibrations
  • A foul smell coming from the machine
  • Leaking

Washing Machine Not Starting

If your washing machine isn’t starting, then there could be several different problems behind it. The most common cause of this is a faulty start button. However, you’ll want to check the power supply to ensure it’s connected properly. If it is, then there could be a problem with the circuit board. You may need to have this replaced to get your machine working again.

Washing Machine Not Draining

There are many reasons why your washing machine isn’t draining, and it can be anything from a clog in the drain hose to a faulty pump. If it’s not the drain hose, then you’ll need to clean out the pump. If nothing has worked, then you may need to replace it.

Washing Machine Creating Excessive Noise Or Vibrations

If your washing machine is excessively noisy or vibrating, then there could be a problem with the motor. This could be caused by a number of different issues, such as a broken belt or loose screws. If the noise isn’t coming from the motor, then it could be a loose drum.

A Foul Smell Coming From The Washing Machine

If your machine starts to smell bad, then you’ll need to clean out any limescale build-up. Additionally, you could purchase a washing machine cleaner and run it through a wash cycle. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then there may be a more serious problem with your machine that will need to be repaired.

Washing Machine Leaking

If your washing machine is leaking, then it’s likely that the seal has broken. This is a simple fix that shouldn’t cost too much to repair. However, it could also be a fault with the drainage pipe, but a plumber would be able to determine the cause of the leak and give you an estimate for repairs.

Calling Out A Plumber

When dealing with any of the issues above, it is likely you will need to call out a plumber to fix the problem, which you can find by searching “plumbers near me” online. A plumber will be able to diagnose the problem with your machine and let you know how much it will cost to fix it as well as talk you through possible claiming on the warranty if the machine is still relatively new. If the repair is more than you can afford or is not covered by a warranty, then they may suggest replacing the machine instead. When facing a broken washing machine, reach out to a plumber on MyBuilder to find a professional solution to your problem quickly.

Are You Covered By Home Insurance?

If your washing machine breaks and you don’t have the money to replace or repair it, don’t panic. You may be covered by home insurance. If you have home insurance, check your policy to see if it covers appliances. Call your insurer to find out if you are covered. However, it’s important to remember that making a claim on your insurance will require you to pay the excess, and this could be more than the cost of repairing the washing machine.

Checking Your Washing Machine’s Warranty

If your washing machine is under warranty, you can get it fixed for free. You need to check the warranty and see what it covers. This can vary by manufacturer. Warranties don’t cover everything, and they don’t last forever. They expire after a certain amount of time, so you should check the warranty to see if it covers the problem you are having. If it doesn’t, you may have to consider replacing your machine as it could be cheaper than repairing it.


When your washing machine breaks, you need to decide whether to repair or replace it. The best way to do this is to know what the problem is by contacting a plumber. Once you know what the problem is, you can decide whether to repair or replace your washing machine. The cost of repairing is usually significantly less than buying a new machine, but it is not always worth it. Newer machines are more energy efficient and come with more features. If your older machine is broken, and you can’t afford to repair it, it may be a good idea to purchase a new machine.

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