7 Strategies for Selling Your Home ASAP While Getting a Fair Price

AD | Collaborative post Homeowners need to complete vital steps when selling their homes, and they must calculate a fair price. Buyers won’t pay an excessive price that is way over the market value for a home. They want to find a property that fulfills their needs and is affordable.  1. Sell It To a Company That Buys Homes The fastest and most efficient way to sell a home quickly is to get an offer from a company that buys residential properties. The homeowner can call the company and answer a few questions about the

Quick and Easy Home Improvement Jobs

Collaborative post Sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your home for it to have maximum impact, far from it. You can do quite a lot with just a little bit of money if you know what you are doing and get creative. It is all about making the most of what you have in a way that creates maximum impact for as little as possible. This post looks at some of the small jobs you can undertake in very little time that will completely change the look and feel of

Jumping for joy at High Altitude Norwich

AD | We received a free session and socks but paid for lunch ourselves We are so lucky that we have so many options for days out here in Norfolk and there are so many places that we haven’t been to before. We were recently invited to visit High Altitude in Norwich for a bouncing session!

Travel Essentials: Best Tips for Your First Abroad Travel

Collaborative post You’re packing your bags and getting ready for your first overseas trip. You’ve got the clothes, a few books, and all of the essentials that you think you’ll need to make it through this adventure!  But wait! Have you thought about what else will be required? Keep reading for some essential pieces of advice that will help ensure your trip is safe and successful. Start Saving Early Start saving for your trip well in advance. You can start with just a few pounds and add to it as time goes on, but be

Work From Home Tips To Keep You Productive and Healthy

AD | Collaborative post Work from home is a safe choice now so that we can finish our tasks without fear of being contaminated by the virus if we are still working from the office.  Good home environment can make you more productive during a pandemic that requires you to work from home. Many factors can affect our quality of work such as the lighting, the barrier such as linen curtains, and also the ambience of your working area. Is it good or bad? Here’s the tips to keep you productive and healthy. Room And

Under the sea at Sea Life Great Yarmouth

AD | Press tickets On a day out a couple of weeks ago we started with a trip to Sea Life Great Yarmouth. Although we had been before a few times it had been quite some time especially with Covid meaning it had been closed for a while. This year at school Erin had been learning about sharks so she couldn’t wait to go back so she could see them again.

How to care for your troublesome teen

Collaborative post Love your child as much as you can when they’re young, because it only happens once. Before you know it, they’ll be a sullen teenager who emanates an untameable stench of body odour, has more spots than a leopard, and seems to have the confused desire for independence while still wanting you to cook their dinner.  Such are the trials and tribulations of being a parent. You get used to having an infant round the house, then they’ve grown into a new, almost unrecognisable human being. But no matter their age, you still