6 ways you can help your child read when they are in reception class

When your child starts school it is a really exciting time for them. They learn so much in such a short space of time and you will notice so many advancements in their development. From having a responsibility for what they do, being self-sufficient at lunch, and playing independently. But the big thing that happens in reception class is that your child really comes along with their reading. Reading is such an important part of the early year’s foundation stage, and it is important to support your child as much as possible. So what can

Get stuck into some feel-good fiction this spring from Books2Door

AD | Paid collaboration with Books2Door The weather is getting nicer and more of us are spending time outdoors and travelling again. This is the perfect time to pick up a book, relax and get stuck into a good story. Books2Door have so many box sets to choose from, and they’re not just for children.

9 things you can do to help encourage your child to read more

Reading is one of those things that I think your child will either love to do or avoid doing it at all costs. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium, especially in primary school. Reading, however, is one of the best things that your child can do to progress. But what can you do to help encourage your child to read more? Sometimes you need to think outside of the box for different approaches to reading and I thought I would share with you some of the things that you could try. 

7 ways to help your young child with their reading

Reading is often something that many young children struggle with. You might find that when they start school it seems they are thrown in at the deep end, but there are things that you can do at home with your child to help them with their reading. It is important to make time to help them with this, the more you can do with your child, the more confident they will become. However, it isn’t necessarily about long periods of time, but more about how you help and what you do when you are trying

Supporting reading at home with a Reading Chest subscription

Since Erin started school we have tried to help support her learning at home as much as we possibly can. This means buying additional supplies or using subscription services. When Erin was just learning to read we used Reading Chest, a postal service for borrowing books. We’re now using Reading Chest again, to see what it’s like for a more confident reader.

Children’s Book Review: The Way Home For Wolf

AD | Paid collaboration Being a parent I wish I had all of the answers. Three year olds are full of questions and a lot of the time struggle with things they are thinking or feeling. Sometimes even if I try to explain something to Erin she doesn’t really understand what I’m saying so I have to look for other ways to do things. I always find that books can really help in these kinds of situations. We’ve recently been reading The Way Home For Wolf, which is the fourth book in a series of

The Importance Of Reading Stories At Bedtime

AD | Paid collaboration Before Erin was even born I had a small collection of books for her. Reading was something we did on a daily basis and we did it often. Now, Erin is 3 and reading is still such a big part of our day. We generally try to stick to the same bedtime routine each evening and somehow this has meant that Erin doesn’t get out of bed in the night. Erin will start off by having a fun bath before watching something on TV like Zog or Room on the Broom.

Dragon Post By Emma Yarlett

Erin’s imagination is really starting to shine and I love the things she comes up with. I think being at nursery 3 days a week and being encouraged to use her imagination has really helped. Now, it’s up to us at home to keep encouraging Erin and with the help of books like Dragon Post, we can do that. One day Alex finds a dragon living in the cupboard under the stairs. Luckily he knows just what to do. He writes letters to lots of different people – including the fire brigade and the butcher–