Restaurant Review: Giraffe World Kitchen, Norwich

John and I love going out for meals even though we don’t get to do it too often. I’m a lot pickier about food than he is so we generally tend to go to the same places. Recently though we tried somewhere a bit different. Giraffe World Kitchen has just been rebranded and we were invited to see the changes and to try out their food! Giraffe World Kitchen is in a great location in Norwich, situated outside intu: Chapelfield. It’s a 2 storey restaurant with outdoor seating on both floors! We arrived at 11:30 so a little late for

Christmas meal at the Beechwood Hotel

Living in a small town means that there aren’t many places to eat out, unless you want a pizza or Chinese takeaway. If you want to go out for a proper meal you have to go to a nearby town or into Norwich. For us, that adds £15 on to any kind of meal/ day out because of train fare. Our family have a tradition to go for a pre-Christmas meal. The weekend before Christmas my mum and sister came to stay and this is what we did. I chose the Beechwood Hotel where we live in North Walsham. Although it’s

Family Friendly Norfolk: Harriet’s Cafe Tearooms

This Family Friendly Norfolk post is all about Harriet’s Cafe Tearooms in Norwich. On 8th July, while my mum was here to stay for the week, my sister came up from London for the day. We all love afternoon tea and had walked by this place the last time we were all together. We’d made the plan in advance to see what this place was like. I called in advance the day before to book a table, letting them know at the time that we would have a pram with us. Our table was booked for 12:30 but we arrived

Family Friendly Norfolk: Pedros Norwich

A little while ago I wrote a post about my new feature, Family Friendly Norfolk. Each post will be about somewhere new I have visited and showcasing the best family friendly places in Norfolk. Obviously, not everywhere will be family friendly though. Today’s post is all about Pedros Norwich. About a month ago my sister and her boyfriend came to stay and I had booked a table at Pedros in Norwich. I hadn’t been here today but after seeing a Tweet from them showing a picture of their steak, I really wanted to go. Everyone else was really happy to try

Family Friendly Norfolk

Family Friendly Norfolk is going to be a semi regular feature from now on. Since having Erin I have realised that so many places are not family/ child friendly at all, the main offender being the town where I live. The pavements are super narrow or non-existent in places, 95% of the shops in town have massive steps into them which are just impossible with a pram, especially when you’re also trying to open the door at the same time. It’s not just towns and shops though but restaurants too. Some places just don’t have the space for a pram