Family Friendly Norfolk: Pedros Norwich

A little while ago I wrote a post about my new feature, Family Friendly Norfolk. Each post will be about somewhere new I have visited and showcasing the best family friendly places in Norfolk. Obviously, not everywhere will be family friendly though. Today’s post is all about Pedros Norwich. About a month ago my sister and her boyfriend came to stay and I had booked a table at Pedros in Norwich. I hadn’t been here today but after seeing a Tweet from them showing a picture of their steak, I really wanted to go. Everyone else

Family Friendly Norfolk

Family Friendly Norfolk is going to be a semi regular feature from now on. Since having Erin I have realised that so many places are not family/ child friendly at all, the main offender being the town where I live. The pavements are super narrow or non-existent in places, 95% of the shops in town have massive steps into them which are just impossible with a pram, especially when you’re also trying to open the door at the same time. It’s not just towns and shops though but restaurants too. Some places just don’t have