Celebraring Halloween with Enesco

Celebrating Halloween with Enesco

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Halloween is a favourite season in our house. Decorating houses is becoming much more popular in the UK and this year, we’ve decided to add some spooky items to our home from Enesco.

Vampire and black cat gnome

I know Halloween is supposed to be the ‘scary’ season but when you have kids at home you don’t want to go too far. I fell in love with these gnomes as soon as I saw them. I’ve gone for the Black cat gnome and the Vampire gnome figurine but you can also get a mummy or green monster. These are great if you want to build a collection and there are also options for other seasons too.

Halloween owl figurine

I’ve always loved an owl so the Halloween owl figurine was an easy choice for me. It features a witch in the middle of the stomach, paired with an orange background. This figurine is great for everyone in the family and it’s going to look adorable on a shelf.

Nightmare Before Christmas cosmetic bag

Last up, we have the Nightmare Before Christmas cosmetic bag. Although not a decoration as such, there’s no reason why you can’t display it somewhere. Another fun option for this one is to use it for somewhere to keep Halloween sweets! The Nightmare Before Christmas is great all year round so the cosmetic bag can come in handy for all different occasions.

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  1. I prefer Halloween decorations to be cute not scary and those gnomes are just adorable! My youngest is obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas so I’m off to see what else Enesco have. x

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