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Build a spinner with the Geomag E-Motion set

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As parents, I think we all look for toys that can not only keep our children entertained for quite some time but are also educational. Geomag’s magnetic construction sets are great choices for STEM toys, and the e-motion sets are great for creativity and fine motor skills.

Geomag e-motion sets

Use the strength and energy of the Geomag magnets and spheres to build crazy spinning tops and suspended models that will spin for ages. Put your building and spinning skills to the test with these sets!

New to the Geomag range, the e-motion sets are designed to help children to construct a spinning toy! Sets come in different sizes, from blind bag sizes to larger sets. The more pieces you have, the more creative you can get!

Discover the Geomag e-motion 32 piece set

The Geomag e-motion 32 piece set is a great starter in this range. It comes with 12 magnetic rods, 12 magnetic balls and 8 accessories and bases. This really gives you everything you need to get started and enough to build some really great creations. The set also comes with a detailed instruction booklet with lots of different variations to try.

A newer feature of this set is a plastic storage box for the rods and the magnetic balls, which is great for keeping them all together.

Geomag e-motion contents

Just keep spinning!

One of the things both me and Erin loved about this set is how easy it was. Erin was able to get all of the pieces out, pick a spinner she liked the look of and followed the instructions. Aimed at age 5+, this set has a range of difficulties so children might want to start out with a simple design and work up to something more complicated.

Erin building a Geomag e-motion spinner

Once Erin had made her first spinner, she was amazed at what she had just made and what the spinner was doing. A few simple additions to an already much-loved toy gave it a new lease of life. Erin spends ages putting together new spinners now, often deciding that she wants to make something original and new.

Geomag e-motion spinner

Although the box includes a set of instructions with lots of different spinners to make, you can also go a bit rouge and make something of your own. This is really helpful for encouraging children to be creative and to apply techniques they’ve learned before.

Add more fun with additional Geomag sets

The great thing about Geomag as a range is that you can use all of the sets together. All of the magnetic pieces work together meaning you can mix and match pieces from separate sets in order to make what you want.

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