Chairs Vs. Your Back

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In fact, this title might even be a tad misleading – it’s not like it’s just your back that can struggle from sitting on a chair for too long.

Everyone has chairs throughout their home. There are dining room chairs, kitchen chairs, and of course the living room. Our homes are full of them, but how much thought did you actually put in to what you buy?

If you’re anything like the vast majority of people when they purchase furniture, it went something like this:

  • You thought long and hard about what you wanted to buy, then began investigating options with a very clear focus on what you wanted.
  • Everything that you wanted was way out of your price range.
  • So you began to make compromises.
  • You found a few that you liked, but none that you loved… and really, if you’re going to spend that much money on something, shouldn’t you love it?
  • You gave up and did something else.
  • The pressing need for the new piece of furniture hit you again.
  • You bought the first thing you see that is close enough to your ideal.

Furniture shopping, hey? It’s never easy!

The one thing many people forget about chairs is how they are meant to be comfortable. The sofa? Well, of course you spend a long time thinking how comfortable that’s going to be, but chairs don’t have to endure the same scrutiny.

If you find yourself sitting down on one of the chairs in your home and immediately wishing you could stand right back up, then here are some chair design features to avoid the next time you’re shopping:

  1. No Arms

Pretty but painful.

Chairs with no arms do undoubtedly look chic; they are more effortless, streamlined, and will fit easier under tables. However, they also offer pretty much zero support.

As a result, you’ll hunch forward in your seat to try and find something to do with your arms. The inevitable result of that is you’ll end up with back or shoulder pain. The best solution to this problem is choose options like a gorgeous faux leather tub chair for the living room, or a stainless steel stool with arms for the kitchen. Simple solutions that will still give you the support you need.

  1. Too High

Sitting in a chair or stool that’s too high is an unpleasant experience. You never quite feel that you can balance yourself. You’ll tense up to try and compensate which, of course, your muscles are soon going to vigorously protest.

If you do want to go for high stools or chairs, then make sure they have a rung between the legs for your feet to rest on. This won’t solve all the problems, but it will at least stop you flailing about trying to find your balance while still remaining graceful.

  1. Too Narrow

There are some chairs you will see in stores that even the size 0 among us wouldn’t be able to fit on without overlapping; why these designs exist is a mystery, but they do – and you need to avoid them. No matter how nice they look, chairs with a narrow seat are an immediate no-no unless they are being used for decorative purposes only.

Now, go have a sit down to reward yourself for getting through that – on an armed, perfect height, perfectly wide chair, of course!

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