Child Friendly Dog Breeds

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If you have children and want to get a dog, don’t just get the first dog you come across. The truth is that not all dog breeds are created equal, and some are not suitable for kids. With that said, the top kids-friendly dog breeds, and reasons why they are, include: 

1. Boxers

The first breed of dog on our list is the boxer. Boxers are medium-sized dogs, and they are known for being goofy and playful, as well as extremely affectionate and highly intelligent. Those are the main reasons why boxers are ideal for those who have kids in the family apart from the fact that they are one of the most popular dog breeds

Another reason to get a boxer is they are energetic, but they tend to be nice and calm when indoors. If you have kids who are very active and are a tad older, they’ll love having a boxer dog to play around with. Bear in mind that when boxers are puppies, they’ll require a ton of training and plenty of exercises. You can take them out for two 45 minute walks per day, or you can bring them to a field and let them burn off their energy by running around for 20 minutes or so. They can also channel their energy with chew toys. Kongs are a great option since they can keep your dog playing for hours without falling apart. 

2. Hungarian Viszla

Another medium-sized dog breed that’s suitable for kids is the Hungarian Viszla. These dogs are extremely active and on par with boxers when it comes to energy levels and the amount of exercise they typically need daily. The Hungarian Viszla is known for its fierce loyalty, as well as being clingy. However, the dogs are affectionate, loving, and can be a bit on the sensitive side too, which is no wonder why they are ideal for families with kids. 

It’s worth pointing out that these dogs are hunting dogs. If you and your kids are an outdoor family, then you’ll love owning a Hungarian Viszla. This type of dog can easily spend hours and hours outdoors with its family. 

3. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise dogs are perfect dogs for kids, and one of the main reasons for this is their size. They are a small breed of dog, so they are not intimidating, nor are they aggressive towards their owners and kids. Not only that, but they have an adorable look to them. 

Besides that, Bichon Frises don’t require a lot of exercises. This means if you’re not that much of an active family or you live in a small place, this is the breed of dogs for you. However, they are known for their stubborn streak, so expect a bit of difficulty when it comes to training them. Just like the previously mentioned dogs, Bichon Frises are affection and loving dogs by nature

4. Shih Tzu

These dogs are another small breed of dogs that are great for families who have kids of all ages. They’re perfect dogs for kids at all kinds of energy and activity levels. Whether your kids are very active, somewhat active, or just active once in a while, Shih Tzu dogs are perfect. 

It’s worth pointing out that Shih Tzu dogs only need a little amount of exercise regularly. They are trustworthy dogs, and when treated right, they’ll show no aggression to you or anyone else in the family. This is why they are great dogs for kids. 

5. Black Labs

Black Labradors have long been a favorite among families with kids, and for many good reasons. For starters, they have an excellent temperament, and they are obedient. They are easy to train and can learn new tricks and commands very quickly. They are thought to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there, but they require a lot of experience. 

Black labs are loyal, and they can be protective of their families. If you want a good dog that’s protective over your kids, but won’t be aggressive to people who pose no threat, then a black lab may be for you. Bear in mind that some black labs are medium in size, but then some labs can get very large.

6. Poodles 

Another breed that’s good with kids that not many people know about is poodles. One of the best things about poodles as they range in size. You can get them in toy size, which is very small; Or you can get them in standard or miniature. 

Some people think poodles are fussy, or they have a reputation for being sassy, but this isn’t the case. Poodles are considered to be a working dog, and they usually want to be involved with all of the activities that families take part in. Let’s not forget to mention that poodles are low maintenance dogs that don’t shed much.

7. Beagles 

Last on our list is the beagle, which is considered a very friendly breed of dogs also it is one of the most popular dog breed. Like boxer dogs, beagles are known for their goofy personalities and their high energy levels. Beagles love being part of a pack, and they love spending time with kids and adults alike. Perhaps the main reason beagles are perfect for kids is because they are extremely patient dogs with high tolerance levels. 

Those are the top kid-friendly dog breeds. Many other breeds are suitable for kids, but the ones discussed above are worth looking at first. Trust us when we say you won’t regret getting any of those dogs if you have kids.

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