My Busy Green Garden

Children’s Book Review: My Busy Green Garden

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This week’s children’s book review is all about My Busy Green Garden. The book was published by Tilbury House Publishers and it can be purchased on Amazon*.

My Busy Green Garden

For a close-up look at the many creatures, large and small, that frequent a garden from dawn to dusk visit My Busy Green Garden by Terry Pierce and illustrated by Carol Schwartz. Each insect or animal is introduced as a surprise, but the reader must wait for the ultimate “surprise in clever disguise that hangs in my busy green garden.” Up until then we meet a dawdling ladybug, a buzzing honeybee, a fluttering hummingbird, a creeping inchworm, a giant green mantis, a dashing dragon fly, ants on the march, a leaping grasshopper, and a hungry chickadee. You will be amazed when you discover the ultimate surprise was hidden in the garden all along!

Enjoy each of the beautiful double page colour drawings of this garden — they are stunning.

My Busy Green Garden

We have been spending a lot more time in the garden lately, especially when the weather is nice, and it’s been great to talk to Erin about all of the things that can happen there. Also, when we go on walks we look at other people’s gardens and talk about what might be different and the kinds of things you might find in a garden.

My Busy Green Garden

To start with, the pages are really beautifully illustrated. Each page is bright and colourful, filled with images of pretty gardens, plants and animals. The illustrations are great for children to pick out the smaller details, such as drops of water, a small ladybird or maybe even a spider.

My Busy Green Garden tells a wonderful story of the creatures in the garden. They go on an adventure during their daily lives and each page describes who might cross paths and what it is that they do. It’s a really beautiful way of describing what happens when humans aren’t watching, or when the animal world is so small that we can’t watch.

The back of the book also breaks down all of the different creatures featured throughout so that your children can find out more about them if they want to.

My Busy Green Garden

Our own garden isn’t really all that interesting, due to the lack of plants and trees, but this book is great for children to learn about creatures and animals that might live in a garden.


Children's Book Review: My Busy Green Garden

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