Common Myths That People Believe About Used Cars

Common Myths That People Believe About Used Cars

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Buying a used car is going to be easier on your finances; however, there are still those that will avoid these vehicles at all costs. It is easy to see why some people are sceptical about buying a second-hand car. A new car is designed to be better than anything that came before it, right?

While there are some legitimate concerns that you can have about used cars, they are few and far between. Most of the negative claims about used cars come from myths, and this article seeks to prove that most of these simply aren’t true.

You Can’t Buy Anything Nice

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to used cars is that the ones for sale are often outdated. Furthermore, there seems to be a common consensus that you have to sacrifice cool for comfort with a second-hand vehicle. 

There is some logic behind this train of thought. Surely no one is going to get rid of a flashy, high-end car? Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even the more respected car brands have older models. Just look at the used Audi A5 in Peterborough for sale by JJ Premium Cars for confirmation. If a car is used it does not mean that it can’t also be a luxury vehicle.

They Are Dangerous

It stands to reason that a car with a long history is going to be less reliable. The more something is used, the more it deteriorates. Therefore, a used car is going to seem like it is more dangerous than other cars. However, this is just a myth.

Used cars come with a full history. This history should include every previous owner and the repairs it has had to receive through the years. This means that every problem that could occur has been addressed, making it less likely to happen again. A new car does not come with this history, which means that you are likely to experience any possible faults first hand.

They Are Used For A Reason

Another common myth that comes with used cars, and second-hand goods in general, is that these objects were discarded for a reason. If it is being sold on to another driver, the previous driver must have had an issue with the car, one that you will inherit as the new driver.

However, you will find that used cars are more reliable. There are plenty of reasons why someone might have to get rid of a car, and poor quality is rarely one of them. If a car has lasted this long on the market, there has been no need to recall the vehicle. Therefore, you can take this as a sign of quality.

They Cost You More In The Long-Run

Many of you will stay away from used cars because of the long-term costs. It is cheap to buy, but you will have to fork out more to keep it running. This too is another myth. There are more available parts for used cars and a collective knowledge that can only be accrued over time. This means that you will find it easier to keep these cars on the road, cheaper.


Now that your fears have been allayed, the range of cars available to you has just expanded. Next time you are in the market for a new car, why not g used instead.

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