Posterlounge prints and frames

Creating a happy home office with Posterlounge

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Working from home can mean a lot of different things for a lot of people at the moment. In a lot of homes it can be hard to find the space to work in peace and quiet, especially with anything else going on around you. I know how lucky I am to have been able to turn our spare bedroom into my own office but it’s been lacking in something.

With the help of Posterlounge, I have been able to transform a corner of my office, where my desk lives, to make it a happier place to work. Posterlounge offers a massive range of wall art for all rooms in the house, with all artwork and frames shipped from Europe.. Art comes in various formats such as premium posters, aluminium prints or wall stickers. There’s really an option for everyone and to suit the needs of most decors.

Posterlounge prints and frames

I had so much fun looking through the different designs available but honestly, you could spend hours looking if you’re not sure of what you want. The Posterlounge Instagram account is a great place for inspiration and that’s where I found something I liked the look of. From there, I was able to search on the website and see other designs that might go with it.

Once you find what design you are looking for you are able to choose what material you would like it in. The website clearly shows the different options and where the prices start for each one. This obviously depends on the size you choose and the material. I really liked that the sizes are shown next to one another in a great image, so you can really see the difference between them.

Posterlounge back of frame

When the prints arrived, I was very impressed with how well they were packaged and presented. It was exciting to open up each one to see the prints I’d chosen in their frames.

The frames are really good quality but they are quite pricey. The back of the frame has a fixture for where you can hang the print on the wall. Each piece of art is framed by hand though and made to fit the print so you know you’re getting a quality product.

Also, the back of the frames are quite thin and this is something to consider when choosing the style of your print. If you want to hang one of the big frames you have no choice but to use a picture hook or screw in the wall. The large frames are quite heavy and due to the thin backs Command Strips would not be suitable if you were looking to hang them this way. If you are looking for an alternative way to hang your artwork then it might be an idea to consider a poster rather than a framed print.

Posterlounge prints and frames

When picking my prints and frames I really tried to go for something quite different; something I wouldn’t usually pick for myself. I am usually someone who likes everything to match and everything to be the same size but sometimes it’s time for something new. I chose three prints all in a similar colour scheme but in varying sizes. You can find the links to the prints I chose below:

Earth (61x91cm)

Silhouette of the Alps at sunrise (30x40cm)

Do what you love (20x30cm)

Posterlounge prints and frames

The great thing about Posterlounge is that because there is so much to choose from, you can find prints that really suit your room. I went for The Earth as I love travelling as well as scenery of mountains and a quote that says ‘Do what you love’, something quite fitting for an office I thought. I’m not sure I’ve ever picked a print with a quote on before but I really like it. What was once a boring, plain (even with the patterned wallpaper) corner of my office, is now a really happy place to sit and work.

Posterlounge office wall

Right now, working from home can be hard but a little happiness in whatever you might call your office can really help you to feel a bit better about your day.


Creating a happy home office with Posterlounge

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  1. Ooh those prints are so nice, especially the earth one, love it! I’ve been thinking about putting up some prints in my little office recently, makes all the difference doesn’t it, working in a pretty space. Thanks goind to go and have a nose at their prints for some office inspo now x

  2. I love these prints ! I’ve just set up a little home office in the bedroom and would love to make it that little bit more put together with some of these .

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