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Doggy DIY: Hacks For Loving Owners

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We all love our furry companions, but that doesn’t mean we don’t cringe every time we see how much they cost for us to feed, house, and pamper. The thing is though, dogs don’t have a desire for material things like humans do; they’re happy to play with the same toy over and over again, or get lots of attention from their favourite humans. That said, Christmas is coming up, and it’s important that you include all members of the family by getting gifts for your dog. To save yourself a bit of money, and still get them something they will really love, why not use your DIY skills to build them the perfect present. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

Suitcase doggy bed

You want your overgrown puppy to have his own, comfortable bed, but the prices can sometimes be a bit steep for a piece of furniture that he might not even use. Not to mention, dogs don’t know the difference between an expensive bed or a cheap one, so there’s really no point. Fortunately, you can make a bed that looks fancy and luxurious, without going over budget. If you have an old suitcase lying around – preferably one you no longer use – then you can use your tools to transform it into a spectacular dog bed. Use a really good impact wrench – find the best on – to make sure the bed legs are screwed on really tight, and then fill it up with cushions and their favourite toys. Alternatively, you can leave out the bed legs altogether and just use the suitcase.

Homemade dog treats

There are laws in place that say all dog treats should also be fit for human consumption, so you know there’s nothing truly harmful in your dog’s gravy biscuits. That said, if you want to keep your furry friend healthy treats, then you can also show your love by making them yourself. You can find plenty of recipes on, and some of them are so easy you might never buy dog treats again. You can even dehydrate sweet potatoes to give them a sweet and chewy treat.

Doggy furniture

Whether you’re always narrowly avoiding tripping over your dog’s bowl, or you just don’t like the way it looks on the floor, there is a way you can keep it out of sight until feeding time; give them their own chest of drawers for their stuff. You can buy these from Bailey Pet Furniture, but you should be able to build your own without too much trouble. All you need as a chest with three drawers, some spare planks of wood to fit in the drawers, and a good tool kit. For the bottom drawer where the food bowls will go, simply make two large holes in the plank of wood and rest the plank in the drawer. The other two drawers can be used to store chew toys and dog treats. Simple, stylish, and practical.  


Doggy DIY: Hacks For Loving Owners

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