The dreaded weight clinic

Something I have absolutely hated since being discharged from the midwives care and then no longer getting heath visitor time at home is the dreaded weight clinic.

Apparently, just before I had to start going to these clinics at my local Children’s Centre, they were held every week. They were then changed to monthly. My town is pretty big and the first monthly weight clinic was packed! I got there 10 minutes past opening and it took well over an hour to get seen.

Since then I have made sure to get there 15 minutes BEFORE opening. I have always been the first seen since then.

The clinic is actually 2 minutes down the road from my house but I really, really hate going! Normally, all I want to do is weigh Erin to see how she’s progressing. She had reflux for months and was premature so I love to see her going up in the percentiles. Sometimes I do want to see a health visitor, like when Erin started weaning.

Not too long ago I was asked to review the Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale Digital. If I had the energy to jump in the air with joy, I would have done.

When the scales arrived I was so excited to use them. However, we had a few problems to begin with. The first set didn’t actually work properly so I was sent a replacement. The scales come with a very simple and easy to follow instruction manual. These scales take 2 AAA batteries which are included with the product. 

The scales have two buttons, so using them isn’t confusing. One button is on/off & tare while the other is for changing the unit of weight. After turning the scales on and putting on a flat (it MUST be flat and even) surface you can then weigh your child. The scales have four padded feet which makes them really secure and stable, without the worry of them slipping around. To make it a slightly nicer experience, you can put on a blanket first. If you do, you must then press the tare button to make sure the scales are set to 0.

You can change the unit of measurement between kg, st and lbs which is great because I only really understand lbs.

Now, the trickiest bit is weighing a wriggly 7 month old. The scales are curved in the middle so it is a nice shape for Erin to lay on. So, machine is turned on and set to 0. When I place Erin on the scales the weight goes up and can be seen clearly because the display is lit up bright blue. However, I do find that because Erin just does not stay still properly, it can take a minute or two to get a proper, accurate reading. The weight doesn’t stop changing until Erin has calmed down a bit and stopped wriggling quite as much. This is really the only flaw.

I am so happy with my scales. I will still be going to the dreaded weight clinic now and again to see a health visitor. However, I no longer need to go to get Erin weighed and that’s great!

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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  1. When I first saw the title I thought it was going to be about your weight and then I read and realised it was about baby. I remember when Sylvia was weighed and they stressed me out about not feeding her enough. The joys of motherhood.

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