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When it comes to buying Christmas presents it’s easy to stick to a list if your child has written one, or to pick things that just look really fun. As Erin’s birthday is only 7 days after Christmas she ends up with a lot in a really short space of time. Because of that I have been looking for some educational gifts for her and I found so many options on the BrightMinds website.

Melissa and DouMelissa and Doug Doctor Role Play Set g Doctor Role Play Set 

For a long time Erin has been interested in anything medical. Once she hurt her ankle and needed an x-ray and was forever asking if she could go back to hospital for something else. She’s forever trying to ‘fix’ us at home and loves to play doctors. The Melissa and Doug Doctor Role Play Set is not only really fun and encourages role play but it’s a great way to discuss anatomy, illness and anything else medical. The set has a doctor’s outfit, name badge and great accessories to help all of those soft toys be back at full health again!

Learning Resources BrightWorks Design & Drill 

Erin has also shown quite an interest in tools lately. If we ever need to change batteries she’s the first one to ask to get a screwdriver or if we need to, she wants to hammer something down. When I saw the Learning Resources BrightWorks Design & Drill I knew it would be something that Erin would enjoy. The set allows children to screw bolts into the board to put together colourful patters. When screwed in, the bolts also light up which will be an exciting feature for younger children.

Learning Resources Alphabee 

As Erin will be moving up from nursery to Reception next year I really want to start helping her get a head start on things like letters, phonics and numbers. I struggle with thinking of ways to help her learn though but the Learning Resources Alphabee looks like a great asset. It comes in a handy carry case and contains letter, number and shape tiles which are all easily removed. I particularly love that it comes in a carry case, meaning we can take it anywhere with us!

Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Learning Activities Reception Year

Another great product from BrightMinds is the Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Learning Activities Reception Year set. This pack includes a double sided white board with pen and 45 high-frequency words. Although a little advanced for Erin at the moment, it’s great for helping her to recognise letters and every day words with the ability to progress as she learns.

BrightMinds’ last shipping day for Christmas Delivery is Thursday 19th December so you’ve still got time to order some amazing products. Which of these would you choose?


Educational Toys From BrightMinds

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    1. Love these ideas, I haven’t come across brightminds before but will definitely be taking a further look. I love the drill set and that the toys have an educational link too.

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