Erin’s 13 month update!

I have no idea where January went but it zoomed by and that means we now have a 13 month old on our hands. I haven’t really done an update on Erin for such a long time so I figured it was about time. I’m hoping to make this a monthly thing from now on though. It’s on the calendar and everything!


Erin has been quite poorly for most of the last month. If it hasn’t been one thing it has been another. She’s had a really bad cold and a cough. Then there has a been a lot of teething going on. At first I thought she had one tooth coming through, then I noticed a second. I then noticed the third a week later. A couple of days after that I noticed tooth number four! Being ill on its own is bad enough but add in horrendous teething too and it is pure hell!


This is not going well at all. Due to the collection of teeth Erin has coming through eating has been a bit of a challenge at times. Sometimes all she wants is much from a pouch. Sometimes all she wants is toast. I never really know. All I do know is that she’s really gone off homemade food at the minute but I have no idea why. However, we have been trying some Ella’s Kitchen snacks and the new For Aisha range.

You want some parsnip?!


This is a bit of a strange one at the minute. We’ve gone months and months with Erin getting up at the crack of dawn. Just recently though she has changed completely. She will go to sleep in her cot at night but never stay there. She wakes up sometimes at midnight just before we go to bed (I swear she knows) and sometimes it is 4:00/4:30. Whenever it is, she screams and screams and screams. However, the minute she lays down in our bed and snuggles up to one of us, she’s fast asleep again. I know co-sleeping isn’t for everyone but John and I love it, mostly! John gets some extra Erin cuddles and I’m getting to sleep in until roughly 8am. It’s been lovely!

I think we’re probably looking at getting Erin her own bed pretty soon!


Erin started taking steps on her own just before Christmas. Up until earlier on in the week, Erin was still quite unsteady and would only take a couple of steps on her own. She relied on the furniture to help her get around the house. Then, on Friday she decided out of nowhere that she could walk across the whole dining room on her own. A day later, she could walk the length of the living room as well! No, there’s no stopping her. She has cheekily learned how to run away from me a bit as well.

Erin also has her first pair of walking shoes now too. I’m so bad though because I keep forgetting to put them on her while we’re in the house. I definitely need to do this more this month so she gets used to them.

What are these things?!


Erin has really changed over the last month. I have no idea why! When my sister was here for Erin’s 1st birthday party Erin quite happily sat with her and had a cuddle while reading. She had never done that before! Now, Erin loves nothing more than a cuddle on the couch while reading or watching a cartoon in the morning. She’d never really been that into cartoons either. I hate to say it but that damned pig has been allowed on our screens!

Erin has also learned how to play certain games on her own. She loves to play hide and seek with me, either using the curtain or a cloth. She also spends hours with her cookie jar putting the blocks in and getting them out again. However, she knows that it is easier to put the blocks in the top after taking the lid off rather than using the holes in the side!

I really love seeing Erin learn new things and grow every day! I’m so proud of how far she’s come. 

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  1. The tough bits are a phase, keep reminding yourself of that! The picture of her pointing at her shoes is so cute 🙂 Katie x

  2. I find my little one goes off her food when teething too, it should pass when the pain stops a bit for her. She looks to be doing really well! Lovely update x

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