Let the weaning adventure commence

Today will be the day that Erin tries some real food for the first time! How exciting… and slightly scary.

Although health visitors and doctors generally advise you to start weaning from 6 months there are cases where the child may benefit from weaning early. In our case, Erin has reflux and our health visitor thinks that early weaning may help to line Erin’s stomach better.2016-04-30 08.56.35

Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy getting to grips with our steamer and blender and I’ve got a whole drawer full of purees in the freezer ready for when we get to this stage. However, today I think we’ll be trying something a bit more simple like banana porridge or baby rice.

2016-04-30 08.57.06

Although I have prepared very basic purees like carrot, pea, broccoli and apple I can’t wait to try flavour mixtures. I need a good baby weaning book but ideally I only want to buy one as I know I won’t need it for too long. Any recommendations?

I’ve purposely waited until today to let Erin try something for the first time. John works a lot and with am election coming up (he works for the council) he’s been staying late and working 6 day weeks. I know John will miss out on a lot of Erin’s firsts so if I can make it so if doesn’t, I will.

I can’t wait to write an update in a few days time when Erin has tried her first foods! I wonder if she’ll like being spoon fed or if she’ll want to feed herself.

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