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Being 8 months old Erin doesn’t really ‘need’ a lunchbox. She doesn’t go to nursery or school yet. However, that doesn’t stop her from using one! Britmums and Hartley’s have challenged bloggers to share their healthy lunchbox ideas.  We were sent a promotional Hartley’s Lunchbox as part of the challenge.

Erin and I go out and about most days and this means that I need to take enough food to last. Sometimes we can be out for a whole day and sometimes it can be for a couple of hours. The Hartley’s Lunchbox is big enough to fit in everything I could possibly need.

Erin is going through a weird phase with food at the moment. She’s going off homemade purees but doesn’t do too well with finger food yet. I have found it easier to take shop bought products out with us sometimes.

The thing is, shop bought doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, especially for babies Erin’s age. So many brands use organic ingredients now and all use baby grade ingredients for products aimed at Erin’s age.

Erin loves the Heinz fruit puree pouches as well as Organix apple rice cakes!

Harley’s Sugar Free jelly is perfect for taking out with us. Erin gets to eat something sweet and fun without it being bad for her (everything in moderation of course)! Each pot has a maximum of 8 calories with the lowest being only 2 calories! The jelly pots come in 6 different flavours: strawberry, apple, blackcurrant, raspberry, tropical and orange! Erin and I have just discovered the apple flavour and LOVE it!

 Once Erin starts to figure out finger foods a bit better I have loads of plans for our little outings! I recently made some sweetcorn, pea and cheese fritters and some sweet potato fries which are perfect for lunch boxes.

I can’t wait to see other bloggers’ ideas for their healthy lunchboxes!

This post is an entry for Britmums #HartleyYourLunchbox Linky challenge sponspored by Hartley’s Jelly.

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  1. Great lunch box, great ideas, but when it comes to school I’m in favour of hot school lunches. The school in the UK and here in France make excellent lunches. In our house packed lunch is a treat! (And less washing up for me!).

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