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Review: Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids

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When it comes to toys for Erin we always look for options that can be used more than once and something that she will go back to over and over again. We were recently sent one of the brand new season 3 Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids in a cool gift box (this isn’t how they come in the shops) and Erin couldn’t wait to discover what they were all about.

Bright Fairy Friends inside the gift box

There are 12 fantastic Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids to collect and each of them is different. The mermaids all have their own names, comes with amazing hair colours and styles and also have different tails. There’s no way of telling which Bright Fairy Friends you’ll get in the jar so that’s always a nice surprise.

Bright Fairy Friends Erin holding the mermaid doll

Inside the Bright Fairy Friends jar you’ll find a beautiful mermaid doll, complete with mermaid tail, beautiful wings and gorgeous long hair. Erin received Star, who has bright blonde hair with a tail and lipstick to match!

Bright Fairy Friends opening surprises

As well as the Bright Fairy Friends mermaid the jar also contains a stand for you to put her on and a selection of surprises to open. Blind bags are usually a big hit with children around Erin’s age so she couldn’t wait to open them and see what there was inside. The surprises with this Bright Fairy Friends were a hairbrush, stickers, a sponge and message in a bottle.

Bright Fairy Friends brushing the mermaid's hair

The surprises inside the jar (in the bags) turned out to be great accessories and Erin set to use them on her new friend immediately. Erin will spend hours brushing the hair of her dolls so was quite excited by this one. She couldn’t wait to get any knots out and make the hair super smooth and beautiful.

Bright Fairy Friends wings

On the back of your child’s new fairy friend are some gorgeous wings. You can use the sponge from the surprise bags here if you add some cold water. By rubbing the cold water on the wings they will magically change colour.

Bright Fairy Friends changing wing colour

Not only does the Bright Fairy Friends jar contain a wonderful mermaid and accessories to play with but the jar itself is pretty amazing. You can obviously use the jar to keep your new fairy friend in as well as the surprises she came with but you can also use it in room as an accessory. The jar lights up (off/ try me/ on switch underneath) as either a nightlight or it uses a motion sensor to light up when you walk past it.

What I will say is that the motion sensor can be a bit hit and miss if you’re still using the batteries it came with. It’s definitely worth changing these for some fresh batteries in order for a more reliable function with the jar. However, you can still just turn the jar off/ on again and this will set the lights going for 20 minutes.

Bright Fairy Friends jar lit up

The Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids are a fun collectible range and I’m sure once you have one, you’ll want to get more!

Bright Fairy Friends are available from The Entertainer.


Review: Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids

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