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Fairytale Landscaping Ideas For When A Moat Just Isn’t Practical

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We all want our home to be a castle, set in beautiful surroundings, perhaps with a pond, a moat, a drawbridge and enchanted gardens stretching out in all directions. There’s just one snag: we don’t live in a fairy tale.

With that said, however, there are plenty of ways to use landscaping to your advantage and transform even the most mundane of dwellings into something quite spectacular. You might want to contact The Local Tree Expert to give you some advice. Take a look at some of these incredible landscaping ideas for when a moat won’t fit.

Vines Are Your Friend

Owners of stately homes absolutely love vines, thanks to their unique ability to both cling to walls and create an enchanting feature in the garden. Vines can come in all shapes and sizes and are particularly stunning during the flowering season. Red, pink, blue and white are popular colours that can add a touch of romance to virtually any setting. Vines look great wrapped around columns if you’re lucky enough to have some, or simply climbing up a garden fence.

Dress Your Driveway

Driveways can be unattractive, but they don’t have to be, especially if you reimagine them as winding garden paths, rather than something functional. Yes, your driveway has to be wide enough to fit your vehicles, but beyond that, you can dress it in any way you want. Start by looking for the best pebbles and cobbles for decorative landscaping. Choose beautiful contrasting stones to adorn the features besides your driveway, as well as provide the basis for the driveway itself. Then surround it with a range of flowers and shrubs, from perennials to annuals, to roses. Mix and match colours for a more organic, chaotic theme, treating the driveway as an island in the middle.

Plant Lilies

Not only are lilies stunning during flowering season, but they’re also among the most robust species of flowering plants you can buy. Lilies can survive heat waves, droughts, floods, and they rarely need watering. They’re a no-fuss, go-to option for gardeners who don’t have time to deal with more sensitive species. The great thing about lilies is that they come in a range of different colours, all the way from pure white to deep pink and purple.

Add Height In Your Front And Back Garden

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The biggest mistake newbie gardeners make is keeping all their plants and shrubs at the same level. While arrangements like this can appear beautiful from above, the ensemble tends to lack depth. Much better is to add height using elevated planters and hanging baskets. Elevated planters, especially, allow you to raise beautiful flowering plants more than a foot off the ground. Maintaining elevation can take a bit of work, such as watering and ensuring proper aeration, but the effect can be stunning if done right.

Prioritise Blooming Shrubs

Spring is cause for celebration. Life returns to our gardens as they emerge from their winter slumber. Blooming plants reflect the reason perfectly, providing a stunning backdrop to your other shrubs, and injecting some much-needed colour. Grow in a prominent location and remember to prune once a year. Plant in well-drained soil.

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