5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

Winter is not my favourite season an in fact, it’s my least favourite of all of the seasons. However, there is always a way to look for the positives and instead of concentrating on the things I hate about winter I thought I’d write about some of the things I love about winter.

Hot Chocolate

I don’t drink hot drinks any other time of the year but as soon as it gets cold and the heating gets turned on it makes me want a hot chocolate. I love making my own at home and do it the proper way by heating milk in a pan first. I also love a Costa hot chocolate and our tiny town is finally getting one in the next couple of weeks so that makes me quite excited.


I probably have more scarves than any normal person needs. My sister has bought me a couple of beautiful scarves over the past couple of years and I get so excited when I get to wear them again. I like big scarves and the bigger the better because they keep you so snuggly and warm when it’s freezing outside.


I always look forward to getting my winter clothes out from storage because I really love wearing jumpers. Our house is really cold and that’s rubbish but a thick, comfy jumper can make up for that. I actually need to buy some new soon as I’ve worn a few to death and they’re starting to look pretty shabby now. I love brightly coloured jumpers too because they seem to brighten winter up a bit. Being plus size, I can sometimes find it hard to find styles and patterns that suit me but Pink Clove have such a fantastic collection so there’s always bound to be something I like.


Christmas has really changed for me since Erin was born. I was never the biggest fan of Christmas but now I absolutely love it. While we’re not bringing Erin up to believe in Santa, we still have a magical time and this year I know she’ll really sort of get what’s happening on Christmas Day. I can’t wait to do some fun Christmas crafts with her, hopefully watch a couple of Christmas films and have a wonderful time together as a family.

Erin’s Birthday

Of course, Erin being born on New Year’s Day has to make me love winter a little bit. Her birth might not have been the easiest but we’re about to celebrate her 3rd birthday. Erin being born is by far the best thing about winter for me and her birthday will always be my favourite day, regardless of what season it is.

What are your favourite things about winter? Let me know in the comments! 


5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

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