Cromer Beach

A Family Trip To Cromer Beach

John and I are very lucky to live where we do. We live in a small town in North Norfolk and we are surrounded by gorgeous beaches. For some reason though, up until last weekend we had never taken Erin to the beach. Well, we took her when she was really little bit she didn’t even touch the sand.

We were supposed to spend the day in Great Yarmouth but rearranged due to something that was going on there that day. Not wanting to stay at home, we headed to Cromer which is a short 10 minute train ride away. We made a quick stop off at Morrison’s for breakfast. Knowing that Erin normally naps from about 11:30 we wanted to get there quite early but fuel up beforehand. Erin didn’t really eat much but she had loads of fun playing with straws.

After breakfast we went to find ourselves a spot on the beach. When we got there we thought the tide was coming in but luckily, it was just going out. I didn’t think to check that. I was a bit worried about how the Babyzen YoYo would cope with the sand but it wasn’t too bad at all really. The beach was lovely and quiet and we quickly picked our little spot.

Erin wasted absolutely no time in exploring. As soon as we got her out of the stoller, she was off. She ran straight towards the sea but didn’t actually like it. It was very cold and I only put my feet in once! I was proud of her for going to see what it was though without any fear whatsoever.

Our time at the beach was so relaxing. Erin loved playing with a bucket and spade, destroying sand castles and figuring out what was going on. Erin was pretty happy just playing on her own really. She didn’t want much to do with me and John. That should make me a bit sad but honestly, I loved just being able to sit back and watch her have fun.

We spent about an hour and a half at the beach but I could tell Erin was getting tired. She’s really good at pretending she’s not when she’s having loads of fun. Before we could even go and get an ice cream, Erin was fast asleep and covered in sand. We had an amazing day and I can’t wait to go again.

Where is your favourite beach to go to?

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