Fashion, fun and friends with Steffi Love dolls

Fashion, fun and friends with Steffi Love dolls

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Over the past year or so Erin has really found a love for dolls. She can spend hours playing with them but it’s important for us to find dolls that are suitable for a 6 year old. Recently, Erin was sent two Steffi Love dolls and she couldn’t wait to play with them.

Erin holding Steffi LOVE dolls

First up we have the super sparkly Steffi swap doll where she’s wearing a rose gold sequin dress. Steffi loves fashion and what better than a dress that you can change the colour of. Erin absolutely loves a sequin change so couldn’t wait to see what colour the dress would change to.

Steffi LOVE doll colour change dress

This dress changed to gold sequins although there are other colours available as well. Erin had a lot of fun being able to change not only the colour of the dress but trying to make a pattern out of the different coloured sequins. The great thing about this swap dress is that children can easily change how an outfit looks without a lot of effort.

Erin doing a doll's hair

Other great ways to play with this Steffi Love doll would be to style her hair. Steffi has long blonde hair so if your child already has maybe some small elastics and a tiny doll hairbrush etc. Steffi also comes with a pair of shoes which are removable.

Steffi LOVE dolls Dolphin Fun

Steffi Love dolls are also big on animals and friends so the dolphin fun set is a great way to show this. This particular set comes with Steffi, dressed in scuba gear including snorkel and flippers, and an adorable pink dolphin with a glittery fin.

Steffi LOVE dolls dolphin fun doll with snorkle on

The accessories with this Steffi Love set make it easier for children to imagine more ways to play. Erin loved the flippers and snorkel and immediately wanted to take Steffi in the bath, or put her in some kind of water. This doll definitely won’t be staying on dry land for long in this house!

Erin playing with the Steffi LOVE dolphin fun doll

Something I personally love about the Steffi Love dolls is how appropriate they are for children. We have seen other dolls in clothes that really aren’t suitable for children Erin’s age, of the theme of the doll hasn’t been right. Steffi Love dolls are really age approprioate and they can inspire lots of fun play ideas.

Steffi Love dolls are available to purchase at Amazon, Sainsbury’s and Hamleys.


Fashion, fun and friends with Steffi Love dolls

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