Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is only a month away now so there is still plenty of time to think about what to buy for the men in your life this year. Last year Erin was too young to understand what was going on but she’s really starting to get the idea of birthdays or presents now so we’ll be making a bit more of a big deal of Father’s Day time year. We’re really lucky that John is really easy to get presents for but here are some great ideas for gifts if you are a bit stuck for inspiration:

Hallmark Father's Day Cards

Whenever there is a gifting occasion the obvious place to start is with a greetings card. Hallmark have a huge range of Father’s Day Cards to choose from. Hallmark don’t only sell cards though as they also have some wonderful ideas for gifts. If you think your dad is a superhero why not take a look at the Itty Bitty’s range, with a character for everyone!

Joseph Joseph Nest Storage

John takes lunch to work with him every day and up until recently, our lunch boxes were either a bit worn out, old or tubs from the Chinese takeaway! The personalised cushion from GiftPup comes with 6 storage tubs with colourful lids and they all stack inside one another for easy storage. The storage nest is perfect for lunches of all sizes and now John doesn’t have to go to work with a horrible looking lunch box! These cost £35 from Red Candy.

Oral-B GENIUS 9000 electric tooth brush

Sometimes for Father’s Day we like to buy gifts that maybe we wouldn’t necessarily buy at other times throughout the year. John has wanted to try an electric toothbrush for a while now and the OralB GENIUS 9000 electric tooth brush looks amazing. This electric toothbrush comes with smartphone video recognition, called ‘Position Detection’, which helps to make sure you clean properly every single time! The toothbrush can be taken away on any holidays too as it comes with a travel case and the battery can go for 2 weeks without needing to be charged again!

Sugru Small Space Kit
If you’re anything like us then you might struggle with space in your house and have nowhere to put certain things. We also struggle to know how to fix some things when they break and the Sugru Small Space Kit (£10) is a great way to make strange spaces work. With Sugru you can make new places to hang kitchen utensils, stationery and anything else you can think of!
Reserved Arrow 18x18" Cotton Cushion
In our house, for some reason, I tend to have most of the cushions. I don’t know why. Recently though I have been trying to replace some of the flatter, older cushions and to replace them with some that John can use too. I love this personalised cushion from GiftPup and now John knows exactly which one is his!
Jelly Belly Super Hero Jelly Beans

John has a massive sweet tooth and is also a big fan of superhero films so these Jelly Belly Super Hero Jelly Beans are absolutely perfect for him! They cost £2.95 for a pack of 3 so they would also make a great gift from the kids that won’t break the bank!

Dorco Classic Razor

John tends to only have a close shave for special occasions or if he’s feeling a bit too scruffy so having a good razor is a must. Dorco is a new brand to us both but they have quite a lot of options at really affordable prices. You can buy just the razor if you like, value packs or even just replacement blades in various quantities. John has the Dorco Classic Razor which starts at £8.74.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Dressing Gown

John is the biggest Harry Potter fan and he also loves to chill out in a comfortable dressing gown. What better to get him than this Harry Potter Hogwarts Dressing Gown which costs £35 from Argos. Erin will be helping to wrap this up to give John on Father’s Day and I’m sure it won’t be long until they have a nice cuddle in it!

Dove Men Care Daily Care Trio Gift Set

I’m not sure when it happened but it seems to be the done thing for men’s gifting occasions to buy socks and ‘smellies’. John really loves getting a set like the Dove Men Care Daily Care Trio Gift Set though. These sets are not overly expensive and can make really nice gifts from the children, especially if they pay for them themselves with pocket money! 

Braun Series 3 ProSkin

If the man you’re buying for isn’t a fan of manual razors then the Braun Series 3 ProSkin would be a great alternative. Prices vary depending on where you shop but the RRP is £99.99. The model shown can be used wet or dry and you can switch between the shaving head and the trimmer head to alter the kind of shave you have!

Krug-Baümen Principle Classic Men’s Chronograph Watch 2011KM

Watches are always a lovely idea for a gift, whether you are a man or woman and Watches2U have such an amazing range to choose from. The Krug-Baümen Principle Classic Men’s Chronograph Watch 2011KM shown above is stunning but if you’re looking for something else, Watches2U have other big brand names including, Fossil, Rotary, Bulova, Casio, and more that would be great for Father’s Day. All items are available with Free Worldwide Shipping and Free Next Day UK Delivery (if ordered before 4pm). Another option would be pocket watches by Dalvey that you can personalise with an engraved message also make a great and classic gift idea.

I hope this gift guide has given you some ideas for this upcoming Father’s Day! Let me know what your favourite is in the comments! 


Father's Day Gift Ideas








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