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Five reasons to get married in Norfolk

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Why would you want to get married in Norfolk? Well, the real question is why wouldn’t you! has five reasons you’ll want your wedding in Norfolk:

The scenery

From the world-famous Norfolk Broads to the miles and miles of uninterrupted coastline, from the quaint towns and villages to the forests of Thetford, the old cliché of there being something for everyone really does hold true in Norfolk. Whether you’d like a seascape as a backdrop or perhaps one of the myriad Norfolk waterways, you’ll be sure to find the perfect setting for your wedding. And given that Norfolk is one of the driest counties in the UK, you’ll have better odds of having lovely weather in which to enjoy the scenery!

The food

With nearly 100 miles of coastline, Norfolk offers the freshest seafood as well as plenty of country estates for easy access to locally sourced game and fowl. There is a delightful foodie scene in Norwich and magnificent menus are par for the course in most country pubs and inns. For venues without in-house catering, there are plenty of catering companies spread throughout the county, catering to all tastes and budgets.

Big sky country

Although Bill Bryson reckons you can stand on two phone books and get a view in Norfolk, we don’t even think you need to do that! Norfolk isn’t known as big sky country for nothing… the sky here seems to go on forever and is the perfect background as your wedding guests dance themselves through the night. If you time your celebration just right, north Norfolk is one of the few places in the UK where you can see the northern lights, or aurora borealis. Kelling Heath and Wiveton Downs both have Dark Sky Discovery Status, which means the area is unaffected by light pollution.


From castles to hotels, abbeys to boats, Norfolk has an enormous selection of wedding venues. Whether you want to hold your celebration in a boutique country retreat or in a vintage barn, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste, budget and number of guests. To give yourself further flexibility you could opt to complete the legal part of your wedding the day before your celebration, which would mean you could look for venues without a marriage licence.

Delights for guests

Your guests will be delighted you’ve chosen Norfolk for your wedding… they’ll find accommodation options aplenty and a myriad of things to do. Whether it’s a walk along the cost or a few days on a narrowboat on the Broads, they’ll almost certainly want to turn a wedding weekend into a Norfolk holiday! And if your wedding is going to be an event for all ages, there is loads for the kids to do… why not try Great Yarmouth for a quintessential British seaside retreat, or perhaps take a boat out to visit England’s largest colony of grey seals at Blakeney Point.

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