Frozen Playmat Review

Something we struggle with in our house is Erin being able to play on the living room floor. As we have a big, white, German Shepherd, dog hair is inevitable. Erin is getting more and more mobile by the day so we needed a solution that wasn’t changing our flooring! A playmat seemed to be the perfect solution.

The Frozen playmat comes from Tatamiz, who have a whole range of different themed playmats. However, their products are only available to buy in TJ Morris (Home Bargain) stores here in the UK and you can only get the Paw Patrol or Princess playmats. They cost about Β£10 each.

The Frozen playmat comes in 8 pieces and is designed in a sort of hopscotch shape. Each piece is numbered so you could either use them as a hopscotch game for older children or as a way to learn numbers. Each of the 8 pieces have puzzle shaped edges and can be arranged in many different ways.

The playmat is really good quality and the pictures printed are so bright and colourful.

Erin is STILL not a crawler. I think one of her main problems is that she doesn’t like trying to move around a lot on our carpeted floor. Since using the playmat thought she has learned how to move herself around in a circle and also to move to the other side of the mat.

I am so thankful for having this playmat in our house. Not only has it helped Erin to move around more but she also loved playing on it. It is easy to put together, only taking a few seconds and it’s also super easy to put away again. Erin can now play in her little dog hair free zone and I don’t have to worry about it

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