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Fun Ways to Keep Fit With Your Little One

We all know that as soon as you have children, you spare time goes out the window. That run you used to go for? Not going to happen. An hour in the gym? Maybe next week. We might not get enough time to exercise for ourselves but it’s also important to teach our children to be fit and healthy. With that in mind, here are some fun ways to keep fit with your little one!

Make The Most Of The Park

I think the key to getting children excited about exercise and keeping fit is to make it as fun as possible. The park is the perfect place to burn off some energy and there’s loads of space to do so many different things.

If your children don’t really like doing ‘regular’ exercise, how about getting a pair of Heelys from Skate Hut. While the children wheel around the park, you can jog along next to them!

Alex from Better Together Home does all kinds of different exercise in the local park.

We have started doing body weight workouts, yoga and other kid friendly exercises in the park – we all have fun and enjoy the time outside together.

Make The Most Of Being At Home

Simone from Married To A Geek likes to make the most of the space she has at home. It sounds like such a fun way to keep everyone fit!

My little one loves it when we go out into the garden – she thinks I’m hilarious doing a mini circuit – jogging, star jumping & skipping & loves joining in in her own way. The trampoline is a favourite too.

Joanna from The Knight Tribe doesn’t have to go out to keep fit with her kids!

Plenty of floor play? I love lifting my toddler and my 5 year old on my legs whilst they wrap their arms around my legs, it works my bum muscles and facial muscles from all the laughing.

Exercise With Animals

Vicki from Family Travel With Ellie thinks horse riding is a fun idea!

Horse riding together! (well, them riding – me leading / jogging!) Great fun and great for fitness!

Get Those Knees Up

Running and jogging with your children is becoming more and more popular and there are loads of different ways to do it!

Rebecca and her children from Futures are combining charity with getting fit.

We jog together – even with me pushing his sisters buggy – and we’ve also both signed up for a charity run together so keeping fit whilst raising money too – he’s 5 and will beat me completely!

Jo from Mummy Needs Wine does more than run!

My 5 year old and I do 5k runs for charity and do family boot camps together. We have also started doing yoga together too.

Local Activities

Parent and toddler groups, soft play etc. are a bit like marmite really but we can’t deny that they do a great job at wearing our kids out!

Elizabeth from Where Roots And Wings Entwine makes the most of bouncy fun!

My little ones love bouncing at trampoline parks. Great fun as they are keeping active… it tires them out brilliantly!!

Kirsty from Life With Boys loves a soft play date with her son!

Soft Play! More of a workout for myself than it is for my little one – there’s running, squatting, resistance training while trying to navigate a ball pool, what more could you want?

Do you manage to get some exercise in and include the kids at the same time?


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